Thursday, February 10, 2005

Let's talk about...

how I am all set with winter. I took a short break tonight and on my way to the bathroom discovered it had snowed...again.

Being a bigger guy, I have always been a friend to winter. You might even call me a fan, but I have to admit that I am longing for spring. My summer lust may be drive by the fact that last week we had a couple of days in the 50's. This was cooler than the other side of the pillow. Winter just makes commuting a royal pain in the arse. People who have lived here all their lives, who have driven in snow every winter since Moses wore short pants, seem to forget how to drive in the dreaded, heavenly, dandruff from on high and it's just annoying. Plus the fact that I have to get out of bed a half hour earlier so that I can melt the frost from my windows does not make me a very happy camper. Springtime ellicits a joy from me that winter will never know. Days get longer, more sunlight makes me less of a jackass and my over all attitude improves. Plus there are just more fun things to do in the summer. Someone needs to check Old Man Winter into the home again.

Tomorrow night lauren is having a birthday party for Shwank and I will be in attendance. I was gonna get him some Tinkertoys cause who doesn't love Tinkertoys? However turning the big 30 is somewhat of a milestone and therefore some Coors Light will suffice nicely. It should be a good time and if nothing else I will get to see Shwank and Boom. Yet another weekend where my hijinx will be cut short by my need to be in work by 7am....c'est la vie!

I am in need of a trip to NYC in the worst way. I haven't been able to hang with my people in Brooklyn and Manhattan in over a year. Last time I was there, I was unemployed and saw David Gray at Madison Square Garden. ( Pretty sweet show by the way) I have released the strangle hold I had on my longing to go back to my college years but I still hold my friends close. Whether we are drunk and out of control in NYC or Winowhere, we're still together and I'm guaranteed some ha-ha's or "larfs" as they call them in England.

Today being the last day of my weekend I: slept late, (7:10am) managed to create and eat a 4- egg, sausage and cheddar jack scramble with a pot of cowboy coffee. Catch up on some emails while listening to some cds I haven't pulled out for awhile. I actually listened to Rush today and remembered how much I was into them at one point in my adolescence. I thought about that scene in Detroit Rock City where the kids argue over whether or not Rush is still cool, and I had a little chuckle to myself. Oddly enough...I have a strange longing to play dungeons & dragons now.

Anyone want to hang out?

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