Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The past few...

days at The Agency have been eventful. So much so that I have not had the energy to post. * grumbling from the studio audience * Hey, life goes on and sometimes it gets in the way.
The long and short of it boils down to me running back and forth from J-Unit to H-Unit, preparing to walk into total chaos, only to find L7's and other staff not doing their job...thus the cause of the disturbances. The worst thing I had to deal with over the course of two days was a guest of the Agency coming at me with a sharpened object. Nothing gets the blood moving around 7AM quite like someone trying to shank you. Not to sound all 007, but I disarmed the guest and restrained them before anyone else knew what was going on. Somedays my job sucks...most of the time it's the bomb.

I was able to take comfort in the fact that my New England Patriots are once again World Champions. The beers I drank instead of my normal diet soda iv drip were good but trying to bust some mortal kombat-esque moves while dehydrated, is not the best plan to follow. It might catch up with me sooner or later and when I get punched in the face so hard I see God, then maybe I'll remember to come home at a reasonable hour and drink a gallon of H2O before bed.
Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and much like Dave Pirner, I'd like somebody to shove. That's all I'm gonna say about that.
eyes burn, headache, lack of wit to include in this post:

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