Monday, March 14, 2005

Bladdy bladdy blah...

It's nearly midnight on a Sunday and the trash is not on the curb. I sit here clackity-clacking while most good peoples are sleeping and getting ready to do battle with that motherfucker known as Monday.

I listen to Rage Against the Machine and pretend like I have something to say. Most days I go looking for blogs who say something. Blogs that say something, anything, it doesn't have to be anything that will save the world, or change a life, although those are refreshing and always welcome. I just try and discover like minds with different voices. People who realize every day is a struggle but aren't afraid to admit it. People who can laugh at themselves in one sentence and spit enough venom in the next to make Howard Stern blush.

Let me just say right here, "I hate what Howard Stern does." I have never been a supporter and probably never will be. I think his defending free speech is good but other then that I feel he is deplorable human being. I also know this view is not popular with people in my age group and because of free speech, I can tell them if they don't like my opinion, to go fuck themselves.

I will never pull a punch.

I caught a quick glance of something on AOHell. Rosie O has a blog. I was curious. I wanted to see what the deal was. If it was going to be all puppy dogs and ice cream, g-rated, exciting like statistics class. I was pleasantly surprised. I won't link here cause I tend to talk about some questionable material and use some naughty language from time to time. I would hate to get someone in trouble because of my mouth, but its been known to happen.

Anyway, Rosie's blog is cool. I like the way she writes. It's fresh and interesting. She has something to say and things to talk about. Her words reach out and grab you, make you pay attention. I was surprised and excited at the same time. Emotions pour forth without being angsty like a 1oth grader's livejournal. Rosie is keeping it real, and while I may not be championing the same causes, the fact she is not all, "CLICK THIS LINK AND BUY MY SHIT..." means something to me. She's on the Def Poetry meets your cool, lesbian aunt tip and I can jive with that.

Even if Def Poetry is just another corporate wolf masquerading in bohemian sheep's clothes.

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