Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Destroy the Machines

I cannot overstate how much I hate weakness in any form. We all suffer from it in some way, myself included. Whether it is alcohol, drugs, food, smurf figurines or whatever, there is something you at one point or another feel powerless over.

The fact some poor souls rearrange their calendars and social engagements be it with friends or family to watch, "American Idol" makes me want to kill people. I could let it slide the first season as the concept was new, even if it did fit into the beat dead-horse genre of reality tv. However this being the 4th or 5th season or whatever, it just makes me sick to think people glue themselves to the television for this shit. It's not good television. It's not entertaining and for those who watch it just to see peoples hopes and dreams get dashed or to see how badly some people sing, grow the fuck up. That shit was old in high school and if there has been no forward mental progress for you since then, do us all a favor and dine on the bullet.

There are great books to be read, wonderful films to see, inspiring conversations to have, frothy beers to be drank, geez there are so many things to do other than sit around and waste your life with those fucking half-wits. If after your weekly dose of Idol you feel bad cause you are fat and ate a box of Twinkies during the show...NEWSFLASH: STOP BINGE EATING AND TAKE A FUCKING WALK! Don't contribute to your own misery by sitting down in front of the demon with the most fattening of foods, stuff your face and expect things to be cool. Have some sense.

Sorry, I can't go on a date tonight, American Idol is on. If I ever found out someone had cancelled plans with me to watch American Idol, Hitler would have nothing on me. People spend to much time watching other people live life and then whining about how much theirs sucks. Go figure. I loved MTV's the Real World...loved it, but at some point I had to say enough is enough. I had to shut the tv off, open the blinds and let it life. I'm not saying everyone should look up to me cause I was able to rip the nipple out of my mouth and go cold turkey, but if you honestly think about all the time you waste watching stupid shit, you should be very upset with yourselves.


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