Saturday, May 21, 2005

Carbs Rule...

On a search for low-carb bread I ran into an old friend today. Apparently Sampson works at the local Stop & Shop I frequent 3-4 times weekly. He came up on me all ninja-style but since we have been boys since Dick Clark was in nursery school, I saw his ass in time to get an elbow ready. I'm glad to hear he is doing well. Like most people, he had a really hard time with the passing of his mother and took the following 3 years to flip the fuck out.

Now, after having several girlfriends, who may or may not have been good for him, after managing to pull himself out of the basement which everyone knew was his sanctuary, his citadel, his rock in whom he trusted, he has migrated from the nether regions of South Providence, to a fairly nice neck o' the woods in Cranston. To be honest, I'm a little jealous as I heard a gun battle going on a few streets over from me this afternoon.

Sampson says his new girlfriend, Delilah, is good for him and that even though he misses the security of the basement, things are better. His dad is moving to VA to start over and for Mr. Sampson to start over at his age, well that's just fucking courageous and , I applaud him. I have to admire a guy who is throwing his hat back in the ring at 60-something, when I have yet to put my hat in the ring and not have it get stomped on....yeah.

We got caught up on old times, even older people, (who may or may not have changed) and of course there was the compulsory video game conversation.
As good as the Xbox 360 looks...we're sure the Playstation 3 is going to beat the shit and $4 out of it. Who cares that it's not coming out until 2006? That will give me plenty of time to save up for the $500.00 MSRP. Yeah, I said, "FUCK THAT!!!!" too. For that kind of money, I can build a decent computer and play Yahoo! scrabble.

This weekend I picked up cds by: The Flaming Lips, Porcupine Tree, Interpol and The Music.

I know that comes off like a baller, but seriously I have been eating nothing but tuna....cause it's me.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Today is my Tuesday, and for a Tuesday, it wasn't all that bad. Sorry, BPD no knife-fights or getting balled out by El Capitan. Maybe next week will be better.

P.S. Low carb bread sucks more cock than A-Rod.


Boogie Pants Donavan said...

I almost got into a knife fight in NY- and by almost i mean not even close. I just have a switch blade type thing- that cuts my fingers more than protects me by any means. I guess if i knew how to use it, that would help. Walking through the village though i saw a Machete store- i wanted to go in, but then saw a future me with one arm and decided against it.

JackassJimmy said...

The force is strong in this one.