Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Am I an ass?

Ok, yesterday was hotter than John Pinette trying to ride a tricycle through the Sahara desert. However, we do what we have to in order to survive. This may or may not include. Cranking the air conditioner past maximum potential, getting naked, and pretending we're dead on the floor. It may include these things...may include.

I have to say the thunder & lightning show Electric Jesus and the Ten Ton Timpani put on last night was quite impressive. As a young boy, both scared the shit out of me and often I would run and hop into bed with my parents. As I got older, having experienced more and more storms, the thunder & lightning gets less frightening, but you will always catch that one storm a year that will make you say, "DAAAAAAAAAYYYUUUUMMMM!" Last night was a good effort, but the house did not shake and I was never really nervous, even though there was lightning all over the place.

The rain was coming down hard and to the side like, so I was forced to go in and wait for it.........sit in the fucking dark and heat, cause the power went out. It was only off for awhile but it was long enough to get the house nice and toasty again. If it had not been my weekend, I don't know how I would have managed to get up for work. Gratefully, I was able to wake on my own, sweaty, feeling like I had a head the size of one of those Easter Island dudes.

Today has been filled with a whole lot of nothing. I have been fiddling around the house debating about a hundred things and solving nothing. I am considering starting newsletter to keep in contact with people I don't keep in contact with. The one thing stopping me is I don't want people to think I'm sending them the, "HEY FUCKERS, CHECK THIS OUT CAUSE ITS ALL ABOUT ME!!!" newsletter, as it's not the impression I am trying to give. I just want to try and expand my writing abilities and think this would be a fun and productive way of doing so.

Alright, I have a case of the grumbly-tumbly and one of those 99 cent double-frommage burgers, sans pickles sounds mighty good.

More later....



Boogie Pants Donavan said...

I so did the AC naked on the floor thing- and i was in a mall. Turns out all the world does NOT want to see my girl parts. Go fig.

JackassJimmy said...

How about me, can I see your girl parts?

what do you mean, where ya been?

I've been working at The Gap and throwing small children down the stairs.


Ktech said...

HAHAHA John Pinette thru the desert..hahahah fat boy you go now...flames were shooting out of my ass...the Epcot Death March hahhahah god I love him! So I tried that crunchwrap supreme thing and I think it's love...lust def. And for a 1.88 after taxes it's bloody brilliant!!

Don't let BPD fool you...she is all about the naked...and don't get her started on Pantless in Miami..that wil l be her biography title

Boogie Pants Donavan said...

Seriously i am ALL ABOUT THE NAKED. Not because i have a JLo body either- far from it- i just believe that once pants go on, how long can they stay there? I mean HONESTLY- who wants their parts cooped up for that kind of time. NOT ME! Down with pants!