Saturday, July 09, 2005

Gas station sandwiches...

When am I going to realize that when my friends say, "lets go have a drink after work" that what they really mean is, "We're going to hold you hostage, for ten hours at the bar, and you will have negative fun."? Yeah, I was at Stuffie's waaaay to long last night. The sad part was, I was being good. I think in the 57 hours I was there yesterday, I had maybe 5 drinks, 3 being light beers. Yes, I had my skirt on. I don't like hanging out at the bar with people I have been at work with all day. It probably sounds kind of cranky, but it's like work with less responsibility and beers.

One of the only reasons I rarely go out with people from work is, I know my fellow co-workers secretly believe I am a cave troll and therefore cannot exist in the real world. So, I indulge their paltry requests and, "get down" as the kids say these days. It's normally not to bad, but I just find it somewhat tiresome to spend money on beers and food and whatever else to sit around and talk about work, the place we just left.

In other news...

It was a decent day today. Work was pretty quiet and the weather was about 85, blue skies and not to much humidity. Of course as soon as I walked out of work, the skies went grey and it rained like fucking Noah pulled into town. Not that big of a deal as I was still very tired from the previous night's hostage situation at the local watering hole. So as the deluge continued, I was snuggled in my bed, lulled to sleep by the rain, thunder and the rest of that shit. Life without tv continues. The cable people come on Wednesday and until then I can imagine I have highspeed internet and basic tv.

Upon awaking from the aforementioned nap, I had very little time to get to the grocery store before it closed. Because open twenty four hours, means everyday except Saturday. So of course I was too late to get in a get the two things I needed. I harrumphed and got back in the F1 and drove to the nearest Cumby's. As I pulled in, I noticed that gas was $2.47 a gallon for 87 octane. Just to put it in perspective for my Canadian friends, that's like $37.95 a litre. This just reaffirms my belief that the Republican party is trying to make the rich in this country even more rich from murder and bankrupting of the lower class. When people can't afford to have fun because they are spending all of their money to pay bills and drive to work, that's when there is going to be a problem.

But that's just this guy's two cents. I hope you all are well.


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