Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My own independence....

I'm so fucking tired of stories of long weekends and fun had at drunken cookouts that I wanted to take a hostage at work today. My foot has been feeling stronger by the day and I have been trying to get of of admin duty for awhile. I put a call into my doc, who gave me the green light as long as I thought I felt up to it. Never tell a guy who's been doing paper work for 8 hours a day, "if he feels up to it, he can go back on full duty."

I was back in the yard with the guests before they knew what was going on. Things had been a bit tense and I was trying to keep shit from blowing up. Of course this was not possible, of course I was fully engaged in a hand-to-hand struggle with one of the nastiest of nasties, of course that fucker went straight for the wounded foot...of course the knife like pain returned like it never left, of course... It's the kind of thing you don't want to admit or acknowledge but you have to cause the pain is unbelievable. You can't just ignore it cause you are a liability to your team, and if someone gets hurt cause of my pride or ego, then I am just a straight-up jerk.

In other news...

Curt Schilling got fucking donkey-punched at his rehab assignment in Pawtucket. This just goes to prove that nothing good happens in, "the bucket." 9-2 and although not all runs can be chalked up to Curt, there is no way he should be getting fucked with this badly. I mean the guy is a warrior, a veteran, the fucker was pitchin' fer Jesus last year. It makes the faithful wonder if the mighty have fallen? Going into the belly of the beast this weekend with Baltimore, as in, "more nasty than the mother-truckin' Yankees" it makes me wonder if the Sox can hold the top of the division. While I'm not asking for another World Series, (though I sure as hell would enjoy it) not finishing at the bottom like a bunch of ass-clowns would be great.

That's all I have on the local sports scene. I'm still trying to get over the Pats signing Doug, "Flutie-flakes" Flutie. The guy is a good QB but he's 237 years old and hasn't been able to see over the line since day one. This may be the end of the road for the Pats, well it was a good run anyway.

I just picked up the new Life Of Agony disc. For those of you who may have enjoyed, River Runs Red stay far, far away from this piece of shit. Broken Valley is a klinker of the highest magnitude. While AP gives it a 4 out of 5 and praises LOA's return, I am being kind when I tell you this disc sounds like The Gin Blossoms meets Alice in Chains. Just no good, not one redeeming song on the whole fucking disc. In other words, I have a new coaster. However, I also picked up, Matthew Sweet's Platinum & Gold Collection Basically a greatest hits compilation, but still a good buy for $5 at the best kept secret around.

Hope you all are well, need to go to bed!


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