Friday, July 22, 2005


Time to kick this bad boy into overdrive. I started this blog cause I am a narcissistic, self-involved, selfish, concerned only with me, selfish, redundant asshole. If you believe this, I have a bridge you might be interested in and I am also hung like a Ukrainian donkey.

That having been said, what can JJ do for you today? I'm interested in the kind of stuff you want to see here at the whole thinger.

You guys like the music? I will review CD's and tunes I have, stuff I have listened to and some new stuff whenever the gods grace me with some spare cash.

You like the movies? You're lucky I have a netflix account and am terminally single, otherwise you might have to hear tales of me having a real life, with real adventures.

You like books? So do I. I try to read as much as I can, but the working and the heat and the porn(kidding) takes up a substantial amount of my time. I tend to do most of my reading in the Winter. Why Winter you ask? Cause my pasty Scotch-Irish skin has the same relationship I do with George W. Bush. If I'm in the sun more than 15 minutes I'm like a fork in a microwave....all sparky and shit. The Sun sucks, fuck the sun. Night time is the right time, long live the beast!

You want me to interview some of these winners I hang with and talk to? Do you want to be regaled with tales of "W's" job at the bank or the italian's struggle with being alone? Yeah, me neither so fuck that idea.

However, I am honestly interested in what y'all want to see here especially if it does not include me naked, on the back of a small pony. I love animals and would never do that to a pony.

So yeah to the 5 of you who read this thing, and the 2 who comment, what's up?!?!?!

Give me some feedback guys!!!

and keep the change you filthy animals,


Boogie Pants Donavan said...

Hmm, I would like to see more talk of midgets on this site. Midgets and Unicorns. If you can work "thats like a midget riding a unicorn...ridiculous AND a must see" into at least 1 post a week I'll be happy. Or if u give me a spider monkey...or a mini pony. All of these things a happier BPD will make

surly monkey said...

Yeah, I'd have to agree with donavan. Midgets and unicorns are pretty freaking cool.

Seriously though, I do find your narratives rather entertaining, provacative or interesting depending on the post. They can be quite descriptive. Good drunk tales are alway a hit. I'd write some myself but I never remember them so well. Anyway, keep it up.

n.v. said...

J-balls, I'll read whatever you post, to be honest -- but I'd love to read your book reviews. Actually, not enough bloggers are talking about books! So do that. I'll be all over it.

love your blog. keep up the hot-sweat, baby.

n.v. said...

I'm gonna have to disagree with surly monkey. I think drunk tales are fucking boring -- a fifteen year old could write something that dull. Why join that club? It's the lowest common denominator of good storytelling.

n.v. said...

But good call on the midgets and unicorns.

n.v. said...

LOL @ keep the change you filthy animal.

"Angels with Filthy Souls" from Home Alone, right?

JackassJimmy said...

Well me being the guy that wants to keep everyone happy, maybe I will have to post the reviews of books I have read whilst drunk.

What do we think of that?

Keepin' it real,

Boogie Pants Donavan said...

Keepin' it real whilst keepin it nasty. Thats what i'm about...oh and midgets....riding unicorns...or at the least mini ponies
Word my mom...on the cape- far away from me- THANK GOD

Ktech said...

Personally I am big fan of snacking ideas when one is hammered. Because you can only have pizza so much and Taco Bell doesn't deliver...although the one on BU campus did my freshman year of college and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see more obscure references to "pooping". My all time favorite so far is "releasing the chocolate hostage".

I'm truly shocked by the fact that you loathe Howard Stern.