Thursday, July 21, 2005

Signs that maybe...

I need to start eating better: part one

Last night, the "W" and I went to Dragon Villa to get some of that East Asian cuisine. I was schooled in the fine art of bud light and Chinese food. I have never been an eater & drinker, there are very few combinations of food and alcohol I find to be a pleasurable experience. However, last night, the combination of chicken lo mein, bionic hot mustard and bud light was A-OH-KAY. Besides the lackluster service we received, the meal was choice. During dinner we decided the beers tasted pretty good & we should have a, "clean out the beer refridgerator party." The italian called on the way home from his championship softball game or some other early mid-life crisis bullshits and said he was down to drink some beer, he just needed to clean the mud out of his cleats and shower. Apparently mud is very hard to get out of cleats once it's dry.

"W" and I walked out of the Villa fatter than before and got in the vehicle. Some dude not to secure in his manhood decided to talk jack to us and we just laughed as he was much younger than the two of us, and wait for it.....driving a mini-van. There were a few uncalled for chuckles as we left the parking lot, but nothing that will require therapy. The weather was ok, but there were still lots of people hanging out on the front stoops or lawns or cars or what haveyou. We got back to "W's" and I geeked out with this month's issue of PC gamer while he released the chocolate hostage. Beers were a chillin' in the fridge, "W's" deck was in perfect light and the air was just right for drinking.

"W" returned from negotiations with a large bottle and two pint glasses. "Were going to split something organic, from Berkeley, CA and it's going to be delicious. He poured two pints of a dark chocolate colored beverage that looked and smelled like gingerbread. So last night I was introduced to Bison Brewing Company's Gingerbread Ale. A delicious seasonal ale, but not something I think I could drink with any regularity. Would have been better in the colder months when I guess it's supposed to be served ie. November-January.

We drank and shot the breeze and spoke of plans to find out where all of these so-called professional women between the ages of 25-40 hang out. Apparently, "W" is in the hunt for a wife, and I have been single long enough. The italian called back and said he couldn't come out cause, "his wife had people over playing cards, but "that we should load up some beers and come over there." "W" wished the italian good luck with his card-playing guests and hung up. We both had a good chuckle over the thought of loading up the vehicle with beers and going to someone else's place, where there would be no air to breathe, no tunes to listen to, and no place to sit.

We shared the gingerbread ale and basked in the remaining light of the day. When the sun had gone down, the relative coolness compared to the days searing heat, was a welcomed change. We shot the breeze for the rest of the night. I left somewhat early as I was experiencing gastric distress unlike anything I have felt in a while.

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