Monday, August 29, 2005

Jimmy From the Block...

Yeah so I have been back from vacation for about 4 days now. I'm surprised that it's taken me this long to bang out a post, but since there is never any bangin' going on in my life, why the hell should the past couple of days be any different? *in his best Ed McMahon....HIIIIIIIYOOOO!

Yeah, so vacation was good, not overly remarkable but good. New York City was urban and provided the backdrop for some good times and drama. It was good to see the old crew from school but I quickly realized sooner or later, we all move on. Maybe I was just in a mood cause it was hotter and more humid than Satan's asshole in Afganistan, in August. People are all doing well living their NYC lifestyles and I question whether or not they are happy but I'm also sure they ask the same of me, when they are thinking about me, and yes, I know they think of me.....beeyotches.

For the first time in a long time in my history of thinking and over thinking things, I finally figured something out. When I had my epiphany, it was such that I couldn't believe I had been such a fool for so long. The long and short of my revelation being, "life is not over." I just need to tweak my ways of thinking. I managed to let go of a lot of shit, realized I have fucking awesome parents and am pretty lucky. Yeah, all this is very much worth the $15 co-pay to the shrink......fuck you Blue Cross!

Besides getting back into school, I really need to focus on my interpersonal relationships, ie. I need to get a date or two. I know this is asking a bit much but now that I am not living in the cave of despair, there is no reason to be so dark. I laughed when my friends in NYC asked me if I am ever happy or if I ever have a good day. "All the time" I responded, but I don't think they believed me. Who cares? This post is bullshit but I blame that on the bullshit corporate espresso I had earlier.

I hate the shuffle function on iTunes but I was able to find the remix of Mr. Brightside I was looking for so...kudos to Steve Jobs for getting something right.

I hope you all are well.



surly monkey said...

Welcome back. Remember now you only have to drink until 2 am. I hope you stayed away from the Devil's Dick.

n.v. said...

Welcome back, J-Balls. None of your readers made me feel welcome here and they can all suck my cock.

You can remove me as a contributor now :) I feel like I'm violating you.