Tuesday, August 23, 2005


It's hard to hate drinking at a place that has such a great soundtrack. Anytime you can go someplace and hear "debaser" by the Pixies, Prince, Urge Overkill, Bad Religion, James Brown, Parliament Funkadelic and just a ton of other good music, one has to drink, even if they are on the Mormon or AA tip. Partying in NYC is a whole nother ballgame compared to partying at home, any homefield advantage you think you have wherever your hometown is, gets thrown out the window.

Also, it just seemed like I was living in fucking bizzaro universe cause, there ain't no bar open until 4am. At one point during the night, my liver started to cry, as he thought this was going to be my last stand. I partied like a champ and managed to not play it off like a tenth grader, so even if this sounds like me trying to regale you with tales of,"look at how much I can drink..." It's more of, "I haven't had fun like this in a long time."

I didn't catch the bartender's name cause she didn't throw it but she was generous with the pour and so hot, she made me want to have a sex change operation so I could be the female she wants to hook up with. Vacation has been good. There have been some day trips around the city and some nights on the town. Morning is a time that doesn't exist here and I was thinking last night before I fell asleep, readjusting my body to the 6-3 lifestyle is going to be a royal pain in the arse.

I went and saw my friend Stacia in a a very funny satire of the weekly news. Topical humor set to music. The cast did a great job and Stacia was very,very funny in her portrayal of "Christian Once-a-Gay". The same night included a trip to McSorley's Old Ale House, which if you haven't been, I highly recommend....yes, even if you are not a drinker. McSorlery's is the oldest Irish Pub in NYC and the history in the place literally drips off the walls. We went with the dark beer and the cheese, onion and cracker plate and even though the place was filled with NYU knuckleheads, a good time was had by all.

Today myself and T-Sex & Cole are off to find the DC Comics Headquarters. T has it in his head that since he flew all the way out here from MN, they are going to give him the grande tour and introduce him to the Green Lantern. I guess we will see what happens. I have pictures to post but I am being considerate since I am not using my internet connection, computer or anything else that allows me to blog.

BPD- Don't hate the player, hate the game.

I hope you all are well!


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Boogie Pants Donavan said...

AHAHHAHAHA- i dont hate the player OR the game- I hate the practice