Thursday, September 29, 2005

It is day...

two of no diet soda for this guy. If you know me, you know that I am suffering from the soda dt's at this point. While I will admit to drinking a ton of water and feeling much better, I still miss my friends diet wild cherry pepsi and Sierra Mist Free.

I was in Target the other morning picking up a copy of Sly Cooper and Theivius Raccoonus (which looks great and plays well too) and as I walked past the food section, I noticed there were new and brightly colored boxes with a Fresca logo on them. I stopped, turned around and went over to investigate. Of course Fresca now has to come in two of my alltime favorite flavors, Black Cherry and Peach. However, seeing as how I hate to contribute to the suffering of anyone, I won't buy Coca-Cola products as they contribute to the death and abysmal living conditions of children throughout the world. Yeah, no diet cherry coke, no sprite zero, no Dasani water none of that shit. When you move into a third world country, like Senegal and buy all the clean water to use for production of coke products or dasani water and then force mothers to walk up to ten miles to buy clean water to cook, drink, or mix formula with, and then have them buy the water at exorbitant prices, you are going to burn in hell.

Now of course this same people could use polluted water, close by thus almost insuring horrible lives for themselves or their children. Fuck big business. I'm sure Pepsi is just as bad but I have not been able to dig up anything on the net that has made me want to kill people, so for the time being, I'm safe. Ok, enough about soda. Time to grab a book and hit the hay.

I hope you all are well.


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