Thursday, October 20, 2005

Call me crazy...

but I'm tired of the b.s. I have been surfing around this vast interweb tonight looking for something to catch my eye, looking for something to take the edge off and make me say, "damn that's cool, funny, a great idea." Unfortunately, the places I have ventured have about as much life in them as Bob Hope's cock. Those people I link to, I have been there and of course I'm happy to see peeps posting and keeping it real but I am longing for something more.

I mean shit, I'm sitting here drinking coffee, listeing to Van Morrison and chatting via IM with those who still have their feet firmly planted in the idea that life is not about amassing the most amount of expensive shit. I don't know where we lost it but somewhere along the line someone said, "let's just buy shit and not think of anything other than I want this and I don't how or who this affects." To you motherfuckers in the suburbs driving Hummers, "I hope you enjoy blood on your hands."

Moving right along, I can respect differing opinions but this is my blog and I can pretty much say whatever here. I really dig the busblog. I think Tony Pierce has a great thing going there and his success is an inspiration to schlubs like myself. Wait for it comes, I just don't understand how a guy who seems to have so much going on could have such awful taste in music. Now I know what you are saying, "Jackass, have you heard the new TSAR album...I mean have you really heard it?" My answer would be no, I have not. While my interest in TSAR is piqued, and I intend on at least checking them out, I would not go see or listen to Juliette Lewis & the Licks if the alternative was getting fucked by Mike Tyson.

I know it's a bit juvenille and moronic but I still like the angry young man music. That is not to say I have no appreciation of anything else, I'm listening to Van Morrison for Christ's sake, but there are certain things we all get from whatever tunes we listen to and therefore, we will never see eye to eye on all music.

Tomorrow, I go into the studio to read for approximately 80 minutes. A friend of mine who is a free form musician has been after me for years to lay down vocals for his stuff. I've had experience fronting several bands, who have never played anything larger than your living room or backyard party but it's experience none the less. Problem is my friend, just jams and his time changes and sheeyat come from out of left field and you never know where things start or where they begin.

You all, are probably saying, "well Jackass, if you were a true artist, this would not be a problem for you." Maybe you're right but anytime you want to come and jam with Phish meets Floyd, meets Sabbath, meets The Dead, meets Sarah MacLachlan...let me know. And no, this shit does not need any more cowbell.

Grrr...more digging through forgotten texts and stuff that should have been burned ages ago.

I hope you all are well.


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tony said...

whaddup bro

i appreciate the props

but if you truly like the angry young man music you should totally be down with Tsar and Juliette

both totally pissed off intense powerful, and may i say in both cases *masculine* aggro rock.

juliette's cd doesnt do her justice, so you need to see that shit live, but Tsar, well... obviously im biased since theyre my friends and ive seen them a hundred times, but when they opened for the NY Dolls - a crowd who was not there to see Tsar - all i saw were bopping heads and smiles and NOBODY left to go to the bar.

listen to the cd a few times, catch them when theyre in your town and you'll be a believer.