Thursday, October 20, 2005


the W called me and asked me if I wanted to go to lunch. It was rounding the two O'clock hour and I had a MANDATORY staff meeting at 3PM. Now here again is where I hate having my days off on Wednesday and Thursday, cause all of the fucking trainings and breifings and meetings, etc... I have to go to, always fall on my days off. I know I mentioned this before but, when you have to go into work on your day's like having a job that requires you to peel & eat foreskin.

Like today for instance, today is payday. That means there is a check waiting for me on the unit. Do you think I am going to get it? No, why the hell would I do that to myself. It's still gonna be there when I go to work tomorrow and the great think is, I am still not broke enough to not be able to afford lunch or dinner if I need to. Anyway, so the W calls and says he is starving and that I should pick him up. I relay to him the impending doom of my MANDATORY staff meeting and he suggests the old family e-mergency. Since I have yet to use this excuse and it was an unseasonably warm October afternoon, I called into to work to let them know I would not be in attendance.

Normally when this happens, I need to speak to a supervisor (or the equivalent of the clown that is allowed to wear the button down shirt at McDongle's) but since my supervisor was not on the unit, I lucked out and left a message with the chalupa.

We went to Janice's Ricotti's (the home of $5-full) Seriously, I got a medium tuna grinder with lettuce, tomato, onion and american cheese and a large diet soda for $5.99. Lick me where I shit, SUBWAY. So we ate and talked for a bit and had a few laughs and then we left. On my way back to W's house, he asked if my car cd player was still all fubar'd and I let him know it was. "You feel like taking that shit out today?" he asked with a grin on that meant we were doing it whether I wanted to or not.

Several hours and lots of swearing and cuts to the hand later, my dash is in pieces and the radio is still firmly in place. We're in the heat of battle when we both hear the low rumble of a mustang coming around the corner and we look at each other and cringe. My boss, a mutual friend, pulls up and jumps out, "What the hell was the emergency? Is everyone ok?" his concern was somewhat justified, but he should have figured out, I was not feeling the love of coming to work on a day off. I never do. We struggle more with the dash and then I say, "fuck it" and have the boss take me to Autozone where they sell me a tool that has my radio out of my dash in about 2 minutes. The tool, with tax, $4.27.

So we get the casing off the stero and realize there is going to be some work involved with fixing it. It's a 6 disc changer and even with all of W's vast electronic expertise, he still can't figure out how I managed to get 7 cds stuck in there. "It kept telling me it was hungry", I said. Another hour passes and gratefully boss has to go and meet with the ex-wife to sign some paperwork on his new batchelor condo. W, unlike the president is able to accomplish something and manages to get 6 out of the 7 cds out. He tells me he can't get it out without breaking it. He also looks at various gears and motors on the cd player and tells me they are all fucked.

In escence, all I wanted was my cds back. Last night I fell asleep to Lost in Meditation, a wonderful Gregorian Chant cd I would recommend to anyone with insomnia. Later on tonight I will be drinking coffee and listening to Fall Out Boy's "Take this to you grave" yet another retrival from the disc-eating deck of doom. I have had all day to write what did I do? I cleaned, slept and listened to podcasts. God sometimes it's a wonder I get anything done.

I hope you all are well.


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