Thursday, November 24, 2005

As I...

pack up the car and prepare for the hour+ drive, on pain killers, to my parents, I can't help but think even though they are a pain in the ass, I am thankful for them.

I am also thankful for my knucklehead friends and family, though they tend to drive me crazy at times.

and last but not least I am thankful to all of you, the ones that read this rag and make me feel that much less alone on this rock we call Earth.

I hope you & your friends and family are well.

Happy Thanksgiving!

and too my Canadian friends...I don't know eat a chocolate danish or something.


1 comment:

n.v. said...

haha! Is that a nod to me, JJ? YOu know I was hooked on the choc danishes a while back, right? Yeah. . . ten pounds later!