Wednesday, November 02, 2005

It's a two...

post kind of day so, let's get this party started.

she dropped the smart bomb on my inbox and said, "let's be friends."
curious, but not ready to punch the clock yet so I double-clicked with apprehension
her file was sparkly and uninteresting like most
well polished Hollywood smile
outfits she will never finish paying for
an army of friends playing the RI version of "Sex & the City."
and we all know that shits been over for years now
so take your $12 Cosmo and get to steppin' cause this burro has no time for your self-involved, gimme-yo-cash bullshite.

Again with the doe-eyed, come-hither pics and a chorus of, "wouldn't it be fun to hang out?"
No, not really. Cause you obviously don't know the first thing about me. Which is sad cause even on this internets thing, my heart is firmly stitched on the sleeve.
she tried the giggle and playful slap, thinking I would be enticed by reindeer games
more pretentious bs
her perfume reeked of desperation
34, newly single-looking to mingle
convinced we are perfect, without looking at my pics, fRiEnDz, profile

She really really likes ABBA...strike one
really really really likes to go clubbin' w/ her girls...strike two
thinks Bridget Jones is ground-breaking independent cinema...strike three, yer not out yet.
I would feel bad, like I made a hasty decision
but then she dissed FallOut Boy and my favorite genre of music
asked if I had a Nintendo Fun Club Card
and "if all the music I liked was on TRL last week?"

I laughed the laugh of the confident
and just shook my head
no reason to be hating on me, or the best band out of IL since the Pumpkins
I asked where her crown was and she got pissed
thought I made a "princess" comment
when all I really wanted to know is why the dancing queen was without her headdress

There was a fuck off and...
you're an asshole...
and a
rock music sucks....and
well maybe not *coldplay (strike 347) and a
"Wanna grab a drink some time?"

I smiled and tried to be sweeter than Christmas cookies
said "I'd love to" as soon as...
she dropped the Carrie Bradshaw routine
got her soul back from Prada and Gucci
stopped watching Growing Up Gotti and...(wait for it)
listened to music recorded after 1979

I hope you all are well.

*Coldplay is fine in my book. I just hate how they get murdered by corporate radio.


Ktech said...

ugh I went to college with those girls! Living in the vaccum that is thinking that you live in a Bradshaw dreamworld where life is measured by shoes, trends and labels. It's an empty existence...just like their heads :)

very nicely put!

word: qxhxvi

Anonymous said...

That's the Jackass that I've missed.
Good stuff, especially the Christmas cookies.

Manic Mom said...

That was a really, really cool post.