Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Old Switcheroo...

It's noon on Saturday and normally I would be at work but because I am a hell of a guy, I switched with the night supervisor so she could stay home and shove things up her ass while several, elf-like minions try and pleasure her orally. It's not that I mind switching shifts with people, I don't. However, when people who work one, maybe two weekends a month ask me to switch with them so they can have the whole weekend off, I tend to get a little cranky.

I mean I haven't had a Sunday off in I don't know how long, and Sunday is one of my favorite days to lay in bed, read a book or newspaper and fart.

But since I will be working from 1pm-9pm rather than 7am-3pm, I'm gonna have to change my evening plans around a bit. I may have to come right home from work and ice my knee for a while (which is getting better, thanks for asking) and read a book or fall asleep early. No shirt, no shoes, no problems. It's kind of a pain in the ass. I mean at 3 when all of the people I normally work with leave, I'm gonna want to go with them but at least I didn't have to get up at 0:dark-thirty to get to work. Tomorrow will be a different story.

People were trying to get a hold of me last night and I just shut my cell phone off. I didn't want to hear it. Last night was one of those nights I wanted to sit byself, ice my knee and just be alone. I wasn't sad or even in a bad mood, but I wanted to not hear about or have to think about anything. I downloaded a bunch of John Edwards podcasts and that's probably what I will listen to when I get home from work. I've decided I need to see which chucklehead I will get behind in the next election. I tried watching Ned Kelly again last night. If someone can finish that movie in one sitting, without falling asleep, let me know, I have an award in the mail for you.

30 minutes till work and I have yet to shower, shave or poop. Time to break out of this popsickle stand and get ready to do the nasty.

I hope you all are well.



Ktech said...

is Ned Kelly quite possibily WORSE than the Pillow Book??? I didn't think it possible to cross that line in film ever again.

word: jummk

surly monkey said...

Dude, you really need to post something. I'm beginning to think I'm going to win this superhero battle.

Crap, was that my outside voice?

Live long and prosper.

PS And post something dammit!