Sunday, December 04, 2005

Neo Maxi-zundweebi

You say goodbye and I say hello. Maybe a little bit to talk about, maybe a lot. My mind wanders from time to time and the incomplete thoughts rarely inspire complete sentences. Winter being my time for reflection, regrouping and recouping. Today was the first real snow, some actual accumulation. I opened my front door and stepped out in the marshmallow blanketed neighborhood. Luckily I leave early enough for work that most of the snow is still untouched and clean, somwhat of a perk for having to be up at O'Dark Thirty.

Last Tuesday went and saw this.

It was very fun & entertaining and I have to say I do enjoy the darker elements of the series making more of an appearance. To me this is the strongest release in the series and the direction was spot on. Kudos to cast and crew. This week I want to check out the latest in cartoon to celluloid releases. I have been a fan of this series since the individual episodes were show on Mtv's first foray into animation and non-video programming. This may have been where the network went bad. If I do actually get out to see the flick, I'll be sure to let you know how it was.

In other news...

My favorite site for the "legal" purchase of mp3's is under investigation and as a result, I have terminated my membership and registration to the site. The site operated out of Russia and sold mp3s of new and relatively new releases at dirt cheap prices. Often you were able to buy and artists newest release for about $1.50. Take that iTunes. Well it seems these folks are now being looked at by the Russian feds, who I'm sure are about as credible as a drunken clown, with a plastic sheriff's badge. Nonetheless, Jackass is getting out before things get ugly.

While I was lamenting the loss of one source of music, I stumbled onto another. If you are fortunate enough to not use realplayer and have iTunes, you will be able to stream music that doesn't suck through iTunes. I have been happily clackity-clacking away for most of the night, with out having to listen to one goddamn Jessica Simpson-esque bullshits song. Now, that's music to my ears.

I hope you all are well.


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