Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wound up...

I was lucky enough to work the night shift today. I hate working the night shift for a variety of reasons. First, the people who work the night shift are a bunch of fucking morons. Second, when I am working the night shift, I tend to wake up an hour before work, thus wasting most of my day. Finally, working until 11pm only to have to be back in at 7am is just a fucking kick in the ass, but I digress.

Working the night shift does have its benefits. I can't really think of to many right now, and I may even be lying about there being benefits but, for the most part, there is lest time being spent with the Agency guests, cause they are going to sleep. On the flipside, you end up working with people who have less common sense than tupperware. They bark orders, instigate the guests and just stupid shit that the brilliant minds on the day shift can avoid. However, one also has to put up with coworkers being so fucking lazy, dead people are more productive.

My knee is still killing me. It feels as though it's being held together with balsa wood and chewing gum. I have been to the doctors 3 times in the past 2 weeks and I am going for an MRI on Friday. Fuck you Agency, I'm taking the day out! The downside is I will be missing a new Agent who has been coming in to make some "adjustments" to the program. Such is life.

A coworker familiar with my injury told me it can go one of two ways, I will either be up and on my feet in a week or two, or and wait for it...out for three to six months with or without rehab. I can't tell how I feel about either of these options. While I know I will get bored being home and not doing much, I am still considerably pissed off that work just kind of overlooked my injury, which from my understanding of somewhat serious.

Plus, though I don't have a social life, I have decided to go to Boston on 1.31.06 to see Less Than Jake. Since they're not coming any closer, and I was to lazy to go last time to Providence, and I have the following two days off...there's no reason not to go. Plus punk rawk hotties, make-a me wanna do-da-cha-cha.

I'm chilling after work. I've had some coffee and there are about 32 things on my mind but I will save them so that I have something to post about tomorrow. The rest of the evening may be filled with video games or maybe some sleepy. Tomorrow in lieu of my usual breakfasts, I am going to the movies. I think if I give up the salty, cholesterol laden breakfasts, and avoid movie theater fare, I can avoid a heart attack for another fortnight.

I'm still listening to idobi radio as I type this. I really can't say enough good things about them. Having a radio station streaming nothing but the rock and alternative is just the bees knees, which coincidentally, are much more stable than mine, at this point in time.

I hope you all are well.


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