Friday, February 03, 2006

There was too...

much bullshit going on yesterday for me to get a coherant and readable post out. Long story short, there were dinner and car reservations and about a million phone calls. Physical therapy with Dr. Mengele and the team from Germany in '40. All in all, yesterday was a royal pain in the ass, but it's over and things are at least at situation normal now.

I just got back from picking up the rental for tonight. A Ford Explorer and I have to admitt I like it. I've driven the Excursion, which I think is the next size up. I enjoy being up higher than the confines of the F1's cockpit. However, as I drove and took care of the AM errands, I could hear the screams of American's & Iraqui's alike dying, so I could power my, "Ford Fuck-you Mobile."

The guest of honor had some issues with flight reservations and unfortunately will not be able to make it tonight. Plans are proceeding minus one and Rock, we wish you were going to be here, but I'm sure the boys will have one in your honor.

I finally got through, "Be Cool" last night. It finally comes together towards the end, but I'll tell you...I had my doubts. It's a decent flick if you have patience for Travolta and Co. Personally, I can't stand Uma Thurman. I know she is "hot" and all but she is neith esthetically nor artistically pleasing to me. She does a good job but, it's not much of a stretch from Mia Wallace of Pulp Fiction & if I wanted to watch reruns, well I would.

Tonight I travel down to the coast to have dinner with some good friends. Good friends who happen to be guys I grew up with and guys I grew to know and love along the way. Hopefully, they won't mind the drive to the restaurant, cause I have to say, the food is awesome. Right on Narragansett Bay /the Atlantic Ocean, the view from inside is impressive and with it still being cold, and not yet tourist season, the place won't be plagued by those summer dwellers from fucking NY & NJ. Nothing but savages I tell you.

In case anyone is looking for a good cd to check out, Mae's "everglow" is really good. I have been spinning it for a couple days. In fact it's what I'm listening to right now, keeping me from smashing things with the keyboard.


I hope you all are well.


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