Sunday, February 26, 2006

When you get...

woken up at 8am on a Sunday, "the day of rest" by the parentals, not just on the phone but in your living space, all bets are off. Chances are locks are getting changed as soon as weather gets warmer. Which brings me to my next point. Winter is still here and in effect. Fuck Winter! I'm so tired of being bundled up and layered, I'm ready to scream.

The only thing keeping me warm this Winter have been Tim Horton's coffee, my anger and Haugty Melodic. I'm running out of things to be angry about but I'm sure I'm not thinking hard enough. Maybe I need to read the news today before I make that statement. So, when I get woken that early, coffee is the first order of business. My dad, understanding this, brought me a coffee and left it as a peace offering. Good move, white man. However, that was just an opener, an aperitif if you will. Upon rising, taking the morning piss and pulling on the giveups, I needed more and was not in the mood to stomach a cup of my, "atom-smashing" homebrew.

Running shoes, hoodie, hat(e), keys. Fuck my wallet and ID cause it's Sunday and cops in this town can fucking blow me. I pulled into the T-ho's drive through and got my Cafe Mocha. Guys, say what you want but, I like coffee and I like chocolate. I once new a manly man who would enjoy chocolate after a good cigar and a scotch. Personally, putting shit on fire in my mouth is not my idea of tasty, but whatever you're into. However, I will go toe to toe with a motherfucker if they call my coffee, "girlie."

That having been said, I sit here and clackity-clack out the "called out goodness" "the gospel according to Jackass," if you will, sipping on my deliciously sinful, cafe mocha....on the Lord's day nonetheless. This provides me with a nice segue into my next topic. I have been reading the New Testament. Before everyone moves to a new page, I am just curious as to the differences in the gospels. However, I do think I should read the book cover to cover as I have spent most of my life in catholic schools.


So far the thing most apparent to me is that all the Great JC said was, "don't be an asshole to anyone and we're cool." This includes, "look at how much $$$ I have, how Republican I am and you can't smootch on /marry that person cause they have the same equipment as you."

As far as I'm concerned, there maybe a ton of people in a "holding pattern" when it all goes down. Time to Git yo'self right with Jesus.

I hope you all are well...and warm.

Fuck Winter!


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