Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Things I care...

so little about I almost passed out. I was driving to dinner with my brother, his gf and the parents when I heard of a new reality show in the works. Celebrity Food Fight was the title that made my asshole pucker. The premise of the show is celebrities go to the market to find the ingredients, bring them back to real, accomplished chefs and then the meal is prepared. Oh and all of this has to be done in 90 minutes. Both Star Jones and Burt Reynolds said they would be very interested in participating, should the show make it into a weekly run. know what gets me about this? Food Network was the last network I had any sort of respect for cause they hadn't sold out. Now this crap....Star Jones?...Burt fucking Reynolds?....Are you fucking kidding me?

In other news...

Coming to you live from the Nerdery: Today gamers world-wide, (myself included) were waiting to hear what Sony Chief, Ken Kutaragi was going to say about the Playstation 3. Let the record show at this point...I don't even care anymore. There have been so many delays and rumors and whatnot, that unless the console comes bundled with $100,000,00 in cash or a unit to suck my dick, I am in no hurry to purchase one. Games on my PS2 are still impossible enough to sustain my frustration, and by frustration I mean enjoyment for at least another year or two. Here are some of the lowlights.

† PS3™ will launch in Japan, Europe and North America in early November 2006. Wow only 9 more months for you to wait before the shelves are emptier than Paris Hilton's head. I'm sure when it comes available for pre-ordering, those tickets are going to mean about as much as an, "I'm sorry" from Dick Cheney. Released just in time to ruin the holiday seasons of parents and children alike. The rioting will be recockulous, like shit we haven't seen since the glory days of the Xavier Robert's Cabbage Patch Debacle. But hell, aren't the holidays about killing one another over oil, I mean presents, I mean religion?

† Captain Ken confirmed the PS2™ will continue to retail for $149.99. There will be no price drop until long after the release of the PS3™. Thanks Ken, we've only been waiting for the PS3 to launch about as long as most christians have for the second coming of Christ.

† There will be great advances and releases for the PSP™. Great...
sorry Ken, I love your products and company and video games, but I'm not shelling out $250 for a PSP™. I have never been a fan of portable gaming, never owned a gameboy or anything like it. Last time I rocked a hand held, I was scoring touchdowns with Mattle Electronics™. It's cool the PSP™ team is doing great and wonderous things, but from what I hear, the PS3™ development team could use a hand. Remember Ken, there is no I in team.

I could go on but you can check out the rest of the sheeyat over here.

This is what I currently have my teeth in right now. Klosterman does a good job at taking a look at pop culture from the thinking persons POV. Even though I am only about a third of the way through I like the essay style of the chapters, as well as the often humorous footnotes. I will go ahead and stamp my Called Out seal of approval on this one.

In closing, Friday is St. Patrick's Day. If you're of Irish decent, Erin Go Braugh! Remember that negative sterotypes come in all ethnicities and colors and even though we are God's favorite sons and daughters, enjoy yourselves without needing someone to pick you up out of the gutter or a puddle of your own fluids. Everyone wants to be Irish on St. Paddy's day but no one wants to be the sack of shit passed out on the front stoop by two in the afternoon. The same goes for you non-Celts. Just cause it's a drinkin' holiday does not me you can swill like booze is never gonna be made again, while wearing your, "kiss me, I'm shitfaced" tshirt, act like an asshole and not expect some (hopefully) 50 year old man named Paddy, or Fitzy or Murph to knock your fucking ass out for being disrespectful. We're a proud people and it goes a lot farther than Blarney stones, U2 and corned beef & cabbage.

Those things having been said, I'm gonna go practice smiling and being happy. From the tone of this post, I'm sure you'll think it never happens.

I hope you all are well.


P.S. None of this bullshit either!

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Egan said...

I bought that book and couldn't get into it. I closed the book when his started dissing soccer. I do love the cover though.