Saturday, March 04, 2006

This week has...

been somewhat wacky. Nothing really out of the ordinary, but just a few things here and there. It snowed again, which was fan-fucking-tastic. I love shoveling. Anyway, like I was saying, nothing very out of the ordinary. The trainers at the center for orthopaedics, where I go three times a week to torture my knee, have decided to up my weights this week. I have only recently started to work my hamstrings, which if any of you have had a knee injury you've had to rehab, know is the same as asking to be brutally tortured. So my weights went up and after they measured to see how much flexibility I have regained.....they decided to raise my weights again.

Hold on, hold on to yourself, cause this is gonna hurt like hell...... Thanks Sarah but I think I can handle it from here.

So about two nights ago, I was hit with a bout of insomnia. I managed to tire myself out by about 4am and hit the hay. I woke a little after 7:30am, remembering bits and pieces of a dream and feeling as though I had been hit by a truck. One thing I noticed along time ago, after I had stopped partaking of the herbal enchantment, I was able to remember my dreams. This can either be a good or bad thing. For me, a self-proclaimed writer, this was a good thing. Thursday night I had a dream where the majority of females I have ever gone to school with or in some cases even met once...aske me to have sex with them.

All of these invitations came via cellphone of course. Which makes me wonder how the girl I would have thrown myself to the wolves for in gradeschool, (who turned into the town bike in high school) got my cell #. Anyway, in the dream I drove from one rendevous to another, never actually meeting any of the prospective "fuckers" if you will, just driving from one phone call to the next.

When I finally awoke, what seemed like after 20 minutes of sleep, I was so flabbergasted at the nature of the dream, I needed some time awake to either think or not think about it. Part of me thought it was my subconscious telling me, "YOU REALLY NEED TO GET LAID." Part of me thought it may have been cause I was contacted by roadhead this week and another part of me just felt it was a random experience. Regardless, I felt so horrid when I awoke, I knew enough not to put coffee in me. I had a huge cup of chai and after knew more bed was in order. I awoke somewhere after 11am feeling much, much better.


I received my Emergen-c energy booster "with joint health" in it yesterday. I know I have told you all about the healing wonders this stuff is for hangovers. Well, let me just tell you this, I am about 3 packages in and already the pain in my damaged knee has subsided noticably. Do I think it's a, but I do think anything that helps me to feel less pain is good. I was able to take a nap this afternoon, in a semi-comfortable position and woke up feeling rested and refreshed, without having to kick-start my leg.

During my nap I had another odd dream, this one was a little more tame but still worth mentioning. I had a dream that I was meeting Tony Pierce for lunch. I don't know if I was interviewing him or what but he had agreed to meet me and hang out for a bit. Tony showed me around his place and then we went someplace to dine outside, eat great food and drink sangria. I thought this odd as I had never heard Tony mention sangria, but what the hell do I know about LA right? I'm from the asshole of the east coast. Lunch was good, and I can't remember specifics but I felt as though I had a great time. Tony encouraged me to blog more and just relax and it would all happen for me as long as I was honest with myself and everyone else.

(SIDENOTE:I am for the most part, but if there are things I think will hurt those I love or careabout, I will either phrase them very delicately or not at all.) Tony thanked me for the time and I told him the pleasure was all mine. We shook hands and like the old, old Star Trek, Bro disappeared like Scotty was beaming him up. See guess you don't really need a car in LA!

Sometimes the biggest forms of inspiraish, come in the form of the smallest naps.

I hope you all are well.


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