Monday, March 06, 2006


My fucking toilet is on the Mondale, if you know what I mean. It flushes and then decides if it is going to donkey punch me or not. This is a new development and I'm sure I'm not in favor of this being an everyday thing. Maybe this is the result of my impulse buy of a blender and the smoothie binge that I went on. Not that this caused any sort of Herculean bowel movements, but my enjoying anything in life, well that just can't be good.

It's late, I should be sleeping but I am enjoying the night time freedom as long as I can. I'm sure I will be going back to work sometime soon so I need to bask in the glory that is not having to get up. A sane person would not be drinking the coffee I am drinking at such a late hour. This shit is delicious but barely human by any stretch of the imagination. It's the kind of coffee that Bob Kelso would describe as, "putting a hop in your step and your ass in the john." Watch out toilet...I'm coming for you.

Chilling and listening to the Garden State soundtrack. It's a good one and probably one of my favorites in awhile. Waiting for the "W" to call me with details of why his night was so bad. I love when I get text messages about friends running covert ops, and they refuse to give any info at all.'d think by this age we'd all be over that shit. At any rate, Colin Hay can sing his ass off. That dude is just talented and I often wonder about the demise of Men At Work. Was their time up? Was there infighting in the bad? Or did everyone want to take their spoils and go and lives the lives they had planned for themselves, before they became wildly famous?

Either way I'm still glad Colin has resurfaced both in the music and performing circles. Seeing him on the second season of Scrubs was hilarious. I'm also pleased this is the first time in a few weeks I've been able to sit here and clackity-clack and not be freezing my twig and berries off. This could be the start of something wonderful.

I hope you all are well.


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Egan said...

That Garden State soundtrack is very good, but if you listen to it too much... you might become suicidal.