Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Good sleep.

Let me start out by saying that I hate hate hate American Idol. I think the show is void of any substance or quality and that like most other things on television these days, it's a giant fucking waste of time. However, when I heard that one of the contestants, David Cook was going to be performing, Innocent, by Our Lady Peace, I had to check out David's performance. Did I tune in? Hell no, I waited two days and watched that shit on youtube.

What can I say? I agree with the critics, bad choice of song. Not that Raine Maida, (lead vocals, OLP) is the greatest vocalist ever, but he is very, very talented. For someone like Cook, talented and trying to prove it, to chose a song like Innocent, just seems foolish. To be fair, Cook did not mangle the song, but it wasn't very pretty. He started off key and with his limited time for performance, showing the crowd and home audience the inspirational message, written on the inside of your hand, that's not going to cut it. It might work for Chris Martin of Coldplay, but who are we kidding here?


So, last night, after work, ended up in dive bar on wrong end of town, with boss and old boss and more beers than anyone wanted to drink. The place was a dump and I'm not a fan of any establishment that tries to pass itself off as an “irish bar” by putting up paper shamrocks and leprechauns all over the fucking place. Something tells me there are supply companies who cater to this type of place and have all sorts of knicknacks that look aged and authentic but, in reality have just rolled off the assembly line in China.


at any rate, beers were drunk and afterward, my boss asked me to ride with him to Wendy's. It was literally 200 yards down the street an on my way home. When I told him I'd rather take my own car, he looked hurt and told me, “but then we won't get to eat our jbc's “bro style.” Bro style? Are you fucking kidding me? If I ever get to the point were I am so pickled with booze on a regular basis that my life is tragically sad and pathetic, to the point where I need to eat fast food, “Bro style”...please kill me. Wow, sometimes I wonder how some people make it through the parts of their lives where there is not someone there to hold their hand.

I was looking over the line up for this summers Warped Tour and I have to admit I was very disappointed not seeing Bad Religion in the line up. I was going to go and catch them last year, but “shewhosnameshallnotbespoken&trade” was giving me a hard time and therefore I missed the show. Going one step further, I was looking on BR's site and there don't seem to be any summer dates, at least in the U.S. Booooooooooooooooooooooooo. However, as an Angels and Airwaves fan, I was happy to see they are playing the whole tour. Maybe I can get out there and see them. Other than that, my only concert plans for the summer are Tom Petty and Dave Matthews, but this can change at any moment.

I think thats all I have for right now.

I hope you all are well.


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Kate said...

it does not really fly for Chris Martin either :)