Wednesday, April 23, 2008

There she goes...again

Sometimes you have good ideas and sometimes your ideas go rogue.

Me, getting my sleep schedule somewhat under my own control...GOOD IDEA. Drinking Diet Dr. Pepper with breakfast...rogue. In my defense, I do have an unhealthy love affair with soda. Beverage choice gone rogue.

I've decided to keep a food journal. Not as a diet tool but more of a way to actually see what I'm eating and how it makes me feel. I'm thinking I can probably eliminate some problems or perhaps even keep some others from springing up by just taking a look at what it is I'm putting in the old gas tank.

In other news...

Can I tell you how sick and tired I am of putting up with people's bullshit? I sat around for months...literally months listening to somuchmorethaneyecandy™'s tales of whoa when she got dicked over by her significant other. I listened intently to what it felt like when someone you care about totally ignores you and leaves you like trash on the side of the road. I listened actively and gave good advice when solicited and sometimes even when it was not wanted. Somuch™ got a new job recently and we've not been in touch for awhile. It's not like I haven't been trying. There have been phone calls and text messages unreturned. Facebook messages unread, and im's that may or may not have been read. I give up trying to be a good person and or friend. Why? Cause when you read an away message something to the affect of, “I'm so happy to have finally found someone who gives me as much as I give them...blah blah blah I love you dickhead!!!” you realize you were never anything more than free coffee, therapy and a mindless distraction to get someone between relationship A and B. Fuck that, go waste someone elses time.

Weather has been much nicer and the sun is making me happy like your first time in the “make out” closet. More work today, but I don't even care since it's so nice. Not only that but the latest oject of my desire comes back from her weekend today. That is always fun.

What else do you want to hear about? What's going on with you?

I hope you all are well.


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surly monkey said...

Ah, the shoulder to cry on when it's convenient. Freaking awesome. I love that trick. One of the advantages of self isolation is you don't get that one. Of course the downsides of self isolation are numerous.

Speaking of which, I'm trying to get back to where I was. So greetings from the foothills. How the hell are you?