Saturday, June 28, 2008


So I can think of roughly eleventy-billion things I would rather do than go to work on my day off.

Color me Dante, but, "I'm not even supposed to be there today."

The thing that sucks most is that, no wait, the other things sucks most. The thing that sucks the second most, is that after leaving work on any given night, my phone will ring roughly 5-6 hours later, asking me if I can come in and work. 5-6 hours after I have just finished a shift. Most nights I am just going to bed 5-6 hours later.

What's funny, well maybe not funny but at least ironic, is most of the reason the Agency needs me to come in, is so that the morning sup can go and sit in meetings all day and not work. yeah right, go fuck yourself!!! There were plenty of mornings when I was working and had shit to do and there were staffing issues. You know what? just have to miss those meetings. Yeah, I know getting of the unit and not working with our "guests" is a great perk, but you are a cunt and should know better.

So, after one day off, I get to go back to Hell Inc. and spend what has turned into a gorgeous day making sure all is right with the wrongest of inmates. Fan-fucking-tastic!!!

I hope you all are well.


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