Sunday, June 01, 2008


I had barely been asleep ninety minutes when
the crow started with his fuckin' caw-cacawcaw-cawing
badgering his constituents for a reply
several choruses of replies.

something about a crow that just makes me mad
I mean mad like
I wanna break some shit
even walking around
doing stuff in or out of the house
I catch sight of a crow and I'm all, “I see you there you sleep-robbing bastard”
go to hell
and if by some sort of psychic force...the goddamned crow
caw-cacawcaws back at me
“screw you jackass”
but enough about those filthy black bastards

their inconsiderate concert was enough to force me from my bed
feeling broken-sleep-Dprvd and a wee bit ornery
among other things
to say the least

for a split second I considered some giggigty-giggity
to lull me back to sleep
but I had used that to knock out
plus I knew those crow fuckers would break my concentration

so I slithered down stairs and muttered and puttered about
cleaning the campsite a bit
reading and re-reading some old junk mail
piling up what was deemed to be important enough for a pile
but not important enough to act on
letter from Bill
Bosstones/Murphys tickets
shit for my brother, who hasn't lived here in years

the baboon postcard
from the citrus queen of MN
that made me laugh my chapped-red-ass off
on my way to another miserable day of work

the course catalog
helping me to plot the destruction of
my brain
free time
and social life

piles of ads from
this grocer and that
all telling me what great deals they have
buy 2 get three
its all been done before
and most days
I wake just in time
to have my first meal of the day
at work

I hope you all are well.


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