Friday, June 20, 2008

Thanks Nuanda...

You see...

She was built for comfort
not for speed
touring class booty with pearly white smile
handed me iced coffee and said. “stay awhile”

funky red hair
low rise jeans
fresh faced beauty
hop...skip...and a jump from her teens

dropped my silver jingle into callused hand
cracked a crafty smile while we shot the breeze
asked me if I had plans
to see the Bosstones and Murphys

hey it's been awhile since you've been around
said, “the f1 is a fantastic ship, but that ship has run aground”
she said all you need to sail
can be bought here by the pound

Jackass Jimmy said, “that's all well and good
but I don't come here for the brew...
Jackass Jimmy winked and grinned his grin,
“I sails the darkest waters in hopes of seeing you”

she listens to the music and remembers New Year's Eve
meeting at Heartbreak Hotel
exchanging awkward glances
her side- her boy friend would not leave

Jackass Jimmy you know I have a man
you saw him at the show
“Baby I don't care about your man
and I just thought that you should know”

“when your good and tired of your boyfriend who we both know is lame
I'm in the on deck circle, anxious be my name
cause I'm throwing a no-hitter and have locked up MVP
but all the glory ain't worth shit if there ain't no you and me”

her cheeks were flushed with crimson like the darkest fire truck
Jackass Jimmy don't lie to me, you're just looking for a fuck
I may not be a veteran or even league MVP
but I've been around long enough to smell lines of bullshit as far as the eye can see

“you think of me when you hear the Mighty tones of Bosston
and probably other times as well
all I'm saying baby is life is to short
to waist your time in hell”

“cause this ride ain't forever
and tomorrows another day
so lets make the most of this
and leave the nonsense in the fray”

“come have dinner and dance the night with me
and if your night is not divine
then blame it all on me
but if you remember it like New Year's Eve before

then leave your ”man” behind
and think of him no more..."

I hope you all are well.


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