Monday, July 14, 2008

Back to work...

Friday, after staying out till almost three on Thursday night seeing Hellboy II, I decided to take it easy and wake up...whenever.

I managed to make it up to my aunt and uncles for about twelve. They were just pulling in and we shot the breeze for awhile and then my uncle was headed back to the office.
his work is never done.

I walked inside and talked with my aunt for awhile, until she announced that she needed coffee and would I like some?
Hmm...lets's eleventy billion degrees out and I've come to try and cool off and relax in the pool, hot coffee? No thanks.

My aunt, who is I think 60, described the temperature as, “walk in warm.” The pool was warm but maybe I'm just getting older, and my sensitivity to temperature is becoming more acute. It took me about five minutes before I was able to dive in and experience the crisp refreshing swim I had been missing for a couple of years. During our talk my aunt had mentioned global warming and how, earlier in the week, she had gone down to visit my parents and when she went in the ocean, it felt more like early August than early July. Nevertheless, I swam and floated around for about an hour and a half before I was all done. I dried off, sat for awhile and then packed to go home. My aunt, a voracious reader, gave me Joe Hills, “Heart Shaped Box.” A book I oddly enough learned about on myspace but still seemed interesting enough to read.
It's been a quiet but full weekend. After my swim, I drove home, ate a quick lunch and cracked the book. Two days later and I'm about 55% of the way through. It's basically a modern day ghost story with its own quirky references to current or recently current pop culture.

Last night was The Dropkick Murphy's and Mighty Might Bosstones at McCoy Stadium. The show overall was awesome but by 11pm I was done for the night or at least I thought I was. The Guy, Dubs and I left McCoy and received a call from El Capitan. El Capitan wanted to meet for beers and whiskeys at the dirty bar. After sitting out in the sun all afternoon, the last thing I needed was booze until closing time, but I was a good sport and after the Guy dropped us off, I accompanied Dubs to the bar to meet El Capitan and the missus. Two Heineken lights later and I could feel my head beginning to pound. When the hell was the last time I ate?

3 fried eggs and wheat toast at about 10 in the morning and since then, it's been nothing but beer and orbit gum...AWESOME

the bar closed and Dubs and I were starving, he also could not remember his last meal. There were options, most of them fast food or yuck truck related, but then like a beacon of hope, we remembered the CRUST. Golden Crust has probably the most delicious and reasonable eats around. Dubs got the world famous buffalo chicken pizza in large form. I ordered the 10 wing dinner and a small buffalo chicken pizza. 20 minutes later Dubs was splitting his pizza with his cat and I was watching Sin City and eating chicken wings. I finished the wings, but conked out way before the movie was over.

Woke up this AM, cleaned a little less than I would have liked to. Still tired from the show, took a nap and contemplated going for another swim. However, since it was Sunday and I was not working, I told my brother I would go to his softball game. Drove to Moonsocket, watched the game, came home and here I am.

Tomorrow I start with a new primary care physician, who I am sure is going to tell me, I'm too fat...don't eat anything...exercise more...AWESOME

I hope you all are well.


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