Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy You're in love...


I'm listening to Frou Frou
and typing the hey nonny-nonny
things continue to be the bullshits
but I guess its ok cause its summer
or at least thats what they tell me
someone should call Al Gore
and tell him to not be so hard on the Sun
cause that fucker is feeling so bad about himself
he might not come around until Rocktober
then whats the point

brother gets married this weekend
muy excited for him
and her
mostly for them
and my parents
someone should be able to provide
them with grandchildren

not this guy

I have a hard enough time dressing myself
solving for x
and getting up on time
let alone
being in charge of another living being

not that I don't have plenty of love to give
cause I sure do
I sure do...but in the grand scheme of things
I want to have me on the straight and narrow
or at least not clipping coupons and eating
noodles 6 meals a week
having to decide between school tuition
or a gym membership

or maybe that other thing

whatever or whoever that may be

the one I think about on any day ending in Y
the one I listen to from Mon to Thursday with
the one I want to sit back and
jaw jack with
sip cocktails with
laugh from Friday night
Sunday morn with

or maybe I'll just take a dump and go to bed

ugly time comes early and I'm working a double

I hope you all are well.


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