Monday, January 11, 2010

Wanna know what...

what the last two things I thought before falling asleep were?

how the fuck am I going to wake up for 6am? & I bet being a garbage man is a pretty sweet gig.

first off, when you snap awake at 3:12am, like you know its the end of the world, getting up for work is
pretty low on your list of priorities. Unfortunately, falling back to sleep is also a bit challenging.
fortunately for me, I have several tried and true methods, all of which failed me last night.

so there is the issue of having to work a 16 hour shift on about three hours and twelve minutes sleep
and that my friends
just flat out sucks
to speak plainly
we're made of tough stuff here at Jackass Headquarters
and with any luck I won't kill or permanently maim anyone today

oh yeah
the garbage man gig
like seriously
usually, the gmen
are well compensated
don't have to listen to the trash talk back
and in some cases
work on their own
in trucks which pick up the trash for them

which would seem to me to be
pretty close to the perfect gig

if there is such a thing

cause when you don't have to worry about
all that other nonsense
it frees your mind and soul
to do other things
like sing a happy song
put time and thought into
other things
that book you want to
read or write
taking your dog for a walk
and even
how sweet the love
you are going to make
to your love
is actually going to be

but I just finished my coffee
so the only thing on my mind
Aw fuck...I gotta go to work.

I hope you all are well.


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