Friday, September 14, 2012

For those of...

you keeping score:
nursing home 7
jackassjimmy’s back -23

pretty sure I finished my clinical rotation the other night.
now it’s back into the classroom for a few more tests & then hasta la pasta…and I’m out

Didn’t apply for a job @ said nursing home
I’m done
no more free labor from me
the people working there are fine, catty but, fine
I also think me, working in a dude-free environment, is probably not the best idea
I mean my back is already train-wrecked, no need to set that wreck on fire

I applied for a few jobs this week
one better than the other
way better really
but at this point
if I can get in front of someone
and get an interview
I might crack a smile for the first time since
Lincoln was President

the foot is on fire today
weird…cause it’s healing
doc said, “It looks much, much better…”
which was a relief
but I still feel a good amount of
spontaneous pain
like burning
not bad enough to warrant medication
but certainly enough to complain about
this new dressing he put on
is supposed to stay on for a week
not sure how well that’s gonna go
especially if my feet start sweating, as they are want to do

fall is knocking on the door
and I’m feeling the slight shift in my mood already
I don’t think having my master piece of a garden
ripped out of the ground
to plant grass
helps much
but who am I?

been getting msgs
from the way back
people I was never even really connected with
makes me wonder if the universe is trying to
set me up for another
donkey punch

one cant ever be to careful
when the universe is concerned
cause there are times one wants
to be
a guy
and there are times one knows
what the right thing
to do is
and never the two shall meet
and so we have these experiences
teachable moments
and in order
to not die of
we name it

I’ve had about as much learnin’ as I can take in one life time.

I hope you all are well.


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