Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Glove was dropped...

It was not a triple dog dare, but one I had to complete for the fun of it. Props to Jodi for believing I had it in me.

1.Total amount of music files on your computer: 136 Which isn't all that bad considering I have a 6gig hard drive that cries when I ask it to do anything.

2.The last CD I bought was: Men at Work / Business as Usual. A favorite from childhood and a disc that can still stand the test of time IMHO.

3.What is the song you last listened to before reading this message: Tim McGraw / Something Like That. Don't laugh, four years in farm country and the country will grow on you.

4. Write down 5, (six, cause fives suck) songs that you often listen to or that mean a lot to you:

1. Bad Religion: Tiny Voices / Cause when everyone else was playing hacky sack and listening to Phish, I was rocking Bad Religion and singing songs with an overall message. Plus these guys have been doing it for over 20 years and make the jokers in Good Charlotte look like jackasses of the Nth degree. I listened to BR before it was cool to hate BR, while wearing a trucker hat, polluting the air espousing the virtues of cookie-cutter, pop-punk acts like The Used.

2. Robbie Williams: Angels / Maybe I'm a sap, maybe it was a drunken six months in London, but after two or three-hundred beers, everyone in the room is your best friend during this tear jerker of a sing-a-long.

3. Semisonic: Closing Time / Song playing in the background of the most painful breakup in history. I'm talking like give me a case of bourbon and leave me in a dark room with my Stevie Ray Vaughn CDs and if I come out, I come out break up. Still a good song though.

4. A Tribe Called Quest: Scenario / When all of the jock/frat/suburbanite assholes were flexing their overabundance of testosterone, misogyny and Neanderthal-like tendencies listening to NWA, I could always count on The Tribe for positive and mellow beats. Plus, this jam introduced me too rappers to be heard at a later date such as: Doo Doo Brown and the one and only, Buster Rhymes.

5. Bad Religion: Stranger Than Fiction / Cause Greg Graffin and Co. write solid tunes, with an overall message, most of the time will contain some cool ooos and aahhhss parts. Plus this song mentions Hemingway so it can't be all bad!

6. Martin Sexton: Glory Bound / Check out the pipes on this pasty, little, white guy! If you are trying to set the mood or just want to have a good cry, this guy can help you do it!

11-teen. What three people are you going to pass this baton to and why:
mindriott, dbcaulfield, and jdaccaine cause the rest of my friends are too lame of have online journals, blogs or websites...sheesh!


Meghann said...

I like your journal!

jodi said...

first of all, i like your journal too.
second of all, i think the best bad religion album of all time is "against the grain."
third of all, hemingway stinks. p-u.