Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yakkity Yak...

I sit here and try and bang it out
there is no more coffee to drink before the cup goes cold
only a few hours left before work
another night filled with bullshit and frustration
it's time to look for another job
it's been time for several years
it's really fucking time to start looking now

you would think I would have more to write about
more to say
having just come from a 5 day stint in the hospital
but all I really have to say is,
“Sure as hell don't want to do that again.”

Learning experiences are great but you don't need to have them all at once.

been on the prozac awhile
I don't feel all that different
but everyone and their brother seem to think
I've made marked improvement

this is a good thing...I guess
not going to lie
tired of taking pills and feeling like
my life is not in my own control
but that's a big reason why
I was in the mess I was in two weeks ago

gotta work hard
do more, be more
this will reduce my
dependence on pills

one step at a time

this post sucks
but like I said
there really is
not much to say

so I sit here
going through
the motions
listening to the music
hoping for inspiration
that gift from on high
giving me the added lift
I'm going to need to get through the day

I hope you all are well.