Monday, January 30, 2017

I have the worst job.
I mean I don't but, at the same time, I do.

I work in the bursar's office of a small, community college.
the bursar's office...the bursar's office...
yes, where you go to pay your tuition.

I am only allowed to work part time, cause otherwise the state would have to pay for my health insurance and we KNOW  that ain't happening so, for now, part time is fine.

I don't have the patience for a full time gig right now
i'm in my third semester of nursing school and other things I have not blogged about
yes, it has been that long

I was hoping to finish before I blogged again, so that I could say, "TAH-DAH...I'M A MOTHER-FUCKING NURSE!"

but life happens.

i came back cause I had a burst of inspiration this morning
it was like creativity was peaking out from under the blankets of antidepressants and bullshit.
"Remember me?"
"Yeah. I remember you.You helped me woo women back in the day."

Now the only women I surround myself with are either helping me clean the shit off of someone or trying to make me kill myself, by asking the most ridiculous test questions ever.
exciting...I KNOW

I really would love tales of adventure but those need to be somewhat on hold, at least until i pass the nclecks ( I know it's not spelled that way)

for some reason Pasadena calls to me. not sure why, I've only been there once but had a good time. To be fair, most times you are involved in a wedding weekend, you'll have a good time. Pasadena just seemed relaxed and perfect. yet I say this without even knowing if I could afford to live there.
i should probably look into that.

i hope you all are well.