Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earlier and earlier...

Again with the up before God syndrome today. Early

Lucky for you I decided not only to blog, but to put some pictures from mi vida loca. It should come as no surprise to any of you, by this point, that I LOVE coffee. I mean I love coffee to the point that I was smiling as I was typing the word coffee. It has been both a torrid love affair and a problem in the past and more than likely will be so again in the future. I like all kinds of coffee.Coffee Isle I would not consider myself a coffee snob, but I know my way around a cup o' joe. This morning I set out with the intentions of picking up some Peet's coffee. I saw Major Something or other's blend and that seemed to be what I was looking for, but as my eyes perused the coffee aisle at Stop&Shop, they fixed themselves to something that is almost embarrassing to admit. BLUEBERRY COBBLER COFFEE.

* Sigh * I know...I know. To my fellow java-junkies out there, this probably sounds like a steaming pile of horseshit and my membership card to our exclusive club has been revoked but the fact the bag was giving off a heavenly scent of blueberries, (one of my more favorite fruits and a wonderful source of antioxidants) there was no way I was going to be able to resist. Even though I put the bag into my cart saying, “this is going to be absolutely terrible” my skepticism could not force me to put it back on the shelf, and get something endorsed by the coffee king himself.

Now on my second cup, after enjoying a lovely breakfast consisting of oatmeal, raisins and fresh sliced mango, I have to admit, New England Coffee Company's Blueberry Cobbler Coffee is not only delicious but, has my kitchen smelling of summers long ago, when my grandmother would make a dessert for picnics called Blueberry Slump. Something along the lines of a cobbler, well pretty much the same thing, maybe it was called Slump because cobbler didn't sound waspy enough? That alone is enough for me to brew more than one pot.

I like hitting the supermarket as soon as it opens obviously for the lack of lines but also because things are quiet and in order and generally I can find what I want and get in and get out, kind of like a trumpet player in an Orange County Ska band. * wink-wink * At 6AM things are not all fubar'd and what's better than that? Not having to deal with roaming bands of brigands and hooligans and backyardigans and all sorts of the bullshits. Plus, at 6AM there is NEVER a line at the REDBOX. Any other time of day, your ass is waiting like 10-15 minutes if you are lucky, and that's if you are only returning.

I returned American Gangster and We Own the Night, both of which were meh. I got the uncut version of American Ganster and that had to push almost 4 hours. At some point you have to say, “this is going to end just like Titanic...and rap it up.” Performances in We Own the Night were good but I never believed anyone. I love Duvall, Phoenix and Wahlberg but, the three of them as father and sons, not buying it, sell it to someone else.


It's looking like it's going to be a great day so I may try and get outside and take some more photos. If not, there will be more posting. Either way, you win!

I hope you all are well.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Need sleepy...

Up un-godly early again. For me that's like 5:30 or something of that insanity.

Work was fucking crazy last night, like FUCKING CRAZY!!! At times I was wondering how much longer I'm going to be able to do my job. See, the entire first shift called out of work yesterday. Apart from that being total bullshit, it basically set up me and my co-workers for a night of total chaos. To say I was less than thrilled would be an understatement. I got to work and realized I knew no one working on the unit. AWESOME...that means that people would run out of there faster than, fraternity brothers at a busted frat party...( I know that sucked, but I'm still waking up.)

There will be no coffee this morning. I'm thinking I need to get some more sleep. I have been having almost vivid dreams and the fact they have been so intense, yet I can't remember details is making me somewhat angry.

I'm also considering shaving my head and just making donations to locks of love. I can't deal with having hobo hair anymore.

I hope you all are well.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's Coffee Time...

My sleep schedule is severely fucked up. It's five-thirty in the AM and I've yet to hit the hay. It would be great if this was due to leading a wondrous and exciting life but in all actuality, it's just cause I've nothing better to do and well...sleep just seems dumb.

See, when I was a freshman in college, I would stay up for days on end. I was used to burning the candles at both ends, working 90 hours a week and spending the rest of my time traveling around the NorthEast, following bands, probably all of whom, no longer exist. When I moved to MN to go to college, it was my first time away from home and although I pretty much had all the freedom I needed under my parents roof, I was still under my parents roof and in college, there were women around.

This whole women around thing would have been great, had I taken advantage, but I was still in my, “angry young man” phase of my life, not to mention, I hated my new surroundings and school as well. However, there usually was someone around to shoot the breeze with or at least stay up and watch a movie or Simpson's reruns. I remember toward the tail end of my freshman year, just spontaneously falling asleep, like to the point I thought I was narcoleptic. Luckily for me, I was just just succumbing to outrageously high blood sugars, and about a month later, be diagnosed with type two diabetes.

Sophomore year rolled around and even though my attitude about school and the one horse town in which I was living changed, my sleep habits had not. I had roommates who also reveled in procrastination and the small hours of the evening. Many times my roommate would just becoming home as I was giving up and going to bed, somewhere around the 2AM mark. He was an athlete, a fraternity brother and a bunch of other shit which required a great deal of time. Plus he was trying to enjoy the freedoms of college just like the rest of us. Sophomore year I started to actually take classes within the theater department. Classes which not only required a shit load of reading and processing time, but also time doing manual labor and other shit in the scene or costume shops. Plus, if you wanted to be involved in a production, well your evening homework hours, just went out the fucking window.

I can remember many nights, leaving the theater after rehearsal close to midnight, starving and picking up whatever was left under the heat lamps at the campus grill, having three loads of laundry to do, with at least 2-3 hours of homework in front of me if I was lucky. Often, the nightime quiet that allowed me to do my homework was interrupted by some fucking tool business major, drunk and fucking, drunk and loud, drunk and loudly fucking but always drunk and annoying. My favorite was when I would be doing homework when they went out to walk their “girlfriends” home and then when they came back hours later, I was still at the same table, with the same books, slaving away. “Holy Jeez, you're still studying huh?” “What do they teach you over there in that theater department, how to be gay?” sigh... yeah that's exactly what they teach us over there in that building, how to be gay and how not to take hostages when you assholes can't stay awake for an hour and a half performance for artscore class. That's what they teach us.

Oddly enough I had my highest GPA during my sophomore year.

Junior year started with me living in London, England. Sleep forget that, I'm in a different country. A place with stuff that stays open all night, has great public transit and everyone speaks English. Screw going to bed. Thursday night were the biggest jokes ever. Most Friday mornings, the entire class would get on a bus, ride for three to four hours, go look at some cathedral and then go home. So, it's not like we needed to be bright eyed and bushy tailed. Thursday my mates and I would get out of class round three or four, pop in to the “Victory Pub” for a pint or 9 and then go home and either cook or grab a bite to eat and then nap it up. A couple hours later, showered and smartly dressed, we were on the blue line headed for Leicester Square and The Equinox. We'd arrive right at ten, before people started pouring in and while there was room to breathe we could dance freely. We went so frequently, we became friendly with some of the locals and doormen. Feni, who was either Pakistani or Afghani and lived in London, was a great guy with a better sense of humor and enough patience to teach me some dance moves. Feni, myself, Supersonic, Reetah, Holyshit and rml would often dance until the lights came on somewhere around 4AM or when one or more of us said “enough...we've class in a few hours.” This usually prefaced a huge slice of pizza from street vendors, a minicab home and about two hours of sleep before having to be up, showered and ready for dance class in Zone 4, when we were living in Zone 1. To say there were some miserable faces at dance classes was an understatement. If our teacher wasn't such a fun-loving and energetic fairy, I'm sure the our hang-overs and her intolerable bad breath would have kept more people back at the flat under the comfort of their double-thick eiderdowns.

My return to the states and more specifically to the planet of Winona, had me just as sleepless, but 100 million times more disenchanted. This is not to say I hated Winona, I didn't but my options for the night time were severely limited. Enter the era of story time with Brown Guy, video hockey, CHW and the red-head across the hall.

I hope you all are well.


Thursday, March 20, 2008


So again my day starts off with a bang. Up early, basically all night. Why? I have no idea.

Wait, maybe it's because I work with a psycho, who drinks 7 nights a week. Maybe I'm a fucking vampire? This second shift shit is for the birds.


Up early, bring the F1 in to get checked out. It's been running really hot lately, and rather than have my engine explode on me, I figure some preventative maintenance is in order.

Dropped it off, then walked downtown to Timmy's, grabbed coffee and walked back home. Here I sit clackity-clacking my thoughts.

Last night, at Parker's the question again came up, “Why are you single again?”

I took a nice drink of whiskey and pondered the answer to the question that will not go away.

“I don't even know anymore.” fell off my lips. “I guess I don't care, don't have time for bullshit...who knows?” The boss grinned and looked at me with a twinkle in his eye.

“No seriously, why are you alone?” I was starting to get aggravated, finished my Jameson and ordered another. The boss was still looking at me, he was not going to let this one drop. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I stood with a gun to his head. “You really wanna fuckin' know that bad do YA?” The whiskey was strong, hints of slow aged oak, pain and regret lingered on my lips and on my tongue. For whatever reason, I continued through the valley of the shadow of death. As I thought of a suitable reply, flashes of days gone by played like movie clips in my mind, songs I haven't listened to in a hundred years suddenly came to memory and it was as if love was rearing its ugly fucking head again.

Look there is the answer you want to hear and there is the answer I'm going to give you, I snapped. “We've been over this before and I'm putting my love life on the same list as politics and religion.” Connie Marie laughed and poured me another Jameson. “This one's on the house kiddo” she winked and rubbed my shoulder as only a mother who tends bar could. My boss grinned an impish grin and let me speak. “You want me to tell you that I'm afraid of being in a relationship. That's just not the case. I love women, talk to them all the time. However, since my last several experiences have been, shall we say...less than positive, I don't really feel the need to jump into anything right away. More specifically and finally what I mean by that is, I'm sick and fucking tired of putting it all out there, only to have my heart ripped out through my ass and then have the pleasure of putting both my heart and mind back together. I'm patient but I don't think I've the energy nor wherewithall to deal with that bullshit again. Let me go to work, go to school, spend my free time as I like to...ON MY OWN, and let's be done with it.”

“Alright man, I'm gonna go have a cigarette and then we'll talk.” I gave him the sideways glance, eyes narrowed, “whatever.” He walked out the door and I could feel the motherly advice coming on. “You're not going to find happiness in that glass, you know.” Connie looked at me as if I were on my last few dollars. “I know,” I said. “But it makes the pain in my shoulders and neck ease up a little and quiets my brain enough for me to fall asleep at night.” “Yeah, I'm sure it does, but you wake up the same way you went to bed.” The sides or her lips were turned up, almost as if she were trying not to smile. “How do you mean” I asked. “alone” was all she said.

It could have been the whiskey, the company, a rough two days at work or a combination of any or all of the aforementioned, but I was pissed. I was getting it from both ends and didn't know how to stop it. I finished the the last of my whiskey and ordered another. The door flew open and Bossman came bounding in. “I've got it...YOU'RE AFRAID!!” “That's easy...we can fix that no problem.” Stunned, were it not for the two gulps of Jameson I knocked back one after the other, I would have known not what to say. At least the tears of ragepainembarrassment could be been mistaken for the burn of whiskey. I left my half of the tab and a decent tip on the bar, grabbed my keys and phone, and walked out into the temperate March night.

In case you were wondering, this is also my curse. According to these guys, there is love burning to find me...


I hope you all are well.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Day After...

Nothing going on but the rent. I slept waaaaay in this AM as I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately. I feel like I have some positive energy but not to much more than starting at zero.

I just sneezed for the 78th time in two minutes. Annoying.

Work was bonkers last night. A ton of bullshit even after I left. My phone rang at 6:holyshititsearly this AM. Two call outs and did I want to work a double? Thank God for voicemail! Don't try to guilt me into shit, just cause I took an extra day off cause my ass was a firehose on Sunday. Those that did not feel the need to go to work today are fucking the brother of the boss and the other one, well she is just busy fucking everyone.


Just ate some great oatmeal with raisins, drank some green tea and now I think it's time for my pre-work relaxation and some tunes.

More tonight.

I hope you all are well.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Java What???

I wish I could say I woke up like a house on fire and raring to go but truth be told, I basically stayed up all night. See I went grocery shopping and while so doing got a call from Somuchmorethaneyecandy™, she wanted to meet at Brewed Awakenings for coffee. Somuch™ and I haven't hung out in like three weeks so, I was down. I get there maybe 5 minutes before her and the place is packed, packed like the $20 Fung Wa bus from Boston-NYC. Like not an open seat or table in the joint. I scan the joint like a sniper searching for their target. There are plenty of seats but people have their bags, laptops, homework, high school and otherwise piled all over the place, therefore, since almost everyone in there was being an inconsiderate asshole, Somuch™ and I were forced to go down the street to Dunkin Blownuts.


We sat there for a while shooting the shit, talking about this and that and what all I've been up to, I.E. WORK and what she does with her free time, WORK. She asked if I still planned on moving to TN once I'm done with nursing school. I told her I thought so but that nothing is ever set in stone, however, someplace definitely warmer than the NE. She asked me about WV and what I thought about it? I told her, “never been there but not ruling it out.” She confided she was interested in going to gradschool for sports psychology and there was some great program at some small school. Somehow I think this plan as well as others may change, but that is yet to be determined.

Around 6:30 this morning I decided to start getting myself together. I wanted to get some coffee at Timmy's before the masses were up and out in full force. It being Monday, school buses, garbage trucks, recycling trucks and all sorts of other nonsense are on the road. I hoped to beat the rush. I bounced out the door about 7:10, not too late but I needed to get a move on if I wanted a round trip of less than 15 minutes. The wind was the first thing to hit me and sporting only cargo shorts and a sweatshirt, I about shit out my spine from being cold. Spring sure is taking its leisurely fucking time getting here. I fire up the F1 and she responds begrudgingly, there is no time to warm up, I can see the kids walking to their respective bus stops, some wearing coats, some wearing...I don't even know what to call what these fucking kids are wearing.

I tear ass out of the drive way and remember it is no longer Sunday so, rock music has once again returned to the radio. No ipod this AM, not enough time. I listen to two songs from the WBRU three -way: Stone Temple Pilots' Interstate Love Song and “Orange Crush” by REM and postulate the theme of the three-way may be “road-tripping” but you can bet your ass I'm not sitting in my car to figure it out. There will be commercials and banal radio banter before an answer and my time is precious.

Pull into the drive thru at Timmy's and order 2 large HOT toasted almond coffees, LIGHT, sans sucre. That's no sugar for those of you not in the know. Timmy's is a Canadian company and sometimes JackassJimmy has to kick it to them in the native tongue, just to make sure they don't slip him some sugar to take his diabetic ass out. Besides, I reserve my give and take of sugar for the ladies. Yeah, you know what I'm saying... wink*wink*. Pull around, pay and am handed two coffees, out the window, no tray. The girl in the window looks like the last time she went to bed, Alf was still on t.v. I am indeed JackassJimmy and so I give her the wink and say, “Good thing my cupholders aren't filled up with change or anything.” She doesn't get it and I just grab my shit and roll. One cup in a cup holder, the other warming my cockles and killing millions of potential Jackass offspring.

Make it back to the hizzo, not in record time, but respectable. Coffees in hand, jump out of the F1, not thinking, lock keys in car. Karma comes around and tickles my asshole again. Not only did I lock my keys in the car but my dome light is on. I can hear my battery laughing at me. I put the coffee on the front stairs and vow to gut anyone who touches them while I'm gone. Jump down over the retaining wall and pray the cellar door is unlocked. It's not, but the window is. Pull a semi B&E and get in, in one piece. Twig and berries are frosty but I'm ok. Sprint upstairs through the house and to the front door. Open it up to see the trash fuckers spying my coffee. They back off cause JJ has street cred and has been here since Moses wore short pants. Get my toasted almond java and back in the fortress of solitude™. So here I sit, writin', sippin on coffee, eating oatmeal with raisins, it doesn't get much more mid-life crisis than this.

This post was brought to you by the magic of coffee and KEXP 90.3 Seattle.

I hope you all are well.


Manic Monday...

I got nothing for you on a Monday morning so three quick questions to get the blood flowing:

If you could have any music group or musician play at a party, who would you hire?
If money were no object, I would probably get Less Than Jake or The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. If I were have to pay for it out of pocket, maybe Dazy Head Mazy.

Name three things to be happy about today.
Four more days until the weekend.
I'm no longer hungover.
Managed to get a lot of cleaning done yesterday.

How do you release frustration?
Dancing and singing along to good music
Video Games

I hope you all are well.


Sunday, March 16, 2008


So I did something today I typically don't do. I called out of work. I just couldn't deal either physically or emotionally and therefore...I had an unexpected three day weekend. It doesn't seem like it to me because I spent most of my time, doing shit I didn't want to do or thinking about stuff I would rather not have but at any rate, at least I was able to get myself back in semi-working order.

In a couple of minutes I'm going to run to the grocery store and pick up some food. I don't have anything here I think I should put into my body right now and at this point, the 67,000 gallons of water I've consumed since last night are just not doing it for me.

Even though I hate going out, especially to bars/clubs, the highlight of last night was running into Mr. & Mrs. D-fense. I met D-fense while working at Fleet ben Bank of America and we were able to get ourselves through the most torturous job in history. D and I have tried to keep in contact since we went our separate ways but it's been hard. He is now married and when he's not doing the married thing, he's grading papers, as he teaches high school english. I like Mrs. D-fense but like so many other of my friends wives, I get the feeling she doesn't care for me all that much. Anyway, D-fense and I rehashed some of the good ol days and after awhile, he mentioned how much he also hates going, out and how we should get together for some guitar hero or something. Now that, I can get behind.

I'll write more later, but right now I'm on a grocery buying mission.

I hope you all are well.


Damn I miss Winona...

What's up I are drunk blogging. I went out tonight against my will and better judgement and as I sit here and type this, I just finished eating most of a large fries and 5 all the way from, The Avenue Grill.

If you know what Im talking about,the you are either from RI or are cooler than me.

I went to McFadden's tonight and even though it was semi cool, I still would have rather stayed hiome and read a book.

Now all I can think about is passing out and banging out of work tomorrow. Awesome...
thansk booze, yer the bestsz!

No green bere tonight, just Guinness.

I hope you are all well.


Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm sinking slowly...

1:58 AM and here I sit banging out yet another installment of, “Called Out at Home.”

Earlier, I broke one of the cardinal rules of blogging, at least one of the rules laid down by, “the blogfather.” I revealed my blog to someone I know. Someone who knows me, and more importantly, someone who makes unannounced, guest appearances in my blog. However, as I have been doing more and more things outside of my comfort zone, “fuck fear” I'm still going to write what I think and feel. Those of you and yes, there are more than one, who read about yourselves in my blog and don't dig on what you are reading...

There are a million and one other fucking things you could be doing right now!

Later on tonight I will be going out for St. Patrick's day.'s a week early and I fucking hate going out for St. Paddy's day but if I don't the relentless amount of bullshit I will have to endure from my co-workers is going to be more of a price than, enduring the disease that is Providence night-life for a few hours.

Earlier today I played some Guitar Hero II: Legends of Rock. Fun. Then I did some laundry and looked at my hair for awhile. God damn do I want to cut it! Why can't locks of love accept donations of 5 inches? Phone call to a friend, pasta and beans, writing, remembering or lackthereof.

I think I am developing arthritis in my neck and shoulders. Getting older is awesome. U2 playing in the background and I can still hear the absence of the clackity-clack of my fingers banging the keyboard. What would Chuck Bukowski say? He'd probably call me a pussy, punch me in the back of the head, and tell me to have a drink and get back at it. Thanks Chuck, a blow to the head and a drink are exactly what I need right now. Jerk.

What I really need is some warm weather, some good conversation and some peace and quiet time. Maybe on a beach somewhere in the south pacific. Maybe somewhere where there is no internet and I would have to again scribble my thoughts in composition books bought for a few dollars at the local CVS(hate that fucking place) before leaving civilization.

I turn 35 soon and all I want is to be done with school. To be able to move away, start a new job and a new life of peace and quiet and disconnect. A life consisting of work, four walls, good music, better food, great coffee, and solitude. I want my birthday to pass without notice and will do as much as I can to make sure that happens, even if I have to get a court order to seal my records from my boss. Fuck a birthday card and a balloon. I still have to go to work. The last thing I want to have to do is go out with people I don't really like all that much and drink.

Maybe I'm exorcising demons. Maybe that's what all of this, “FUCK FEAR” bullshit is? Maybe it's a last ditch attempt at being cool. I mean like really cool, not just the, “hey, at least my mom thinks I'm cool,” kind of cool.

Now the Goo Goo Dolls are on and the pain that resides in Iowa is called to mind and to be honest, I could care less. People make their beds, dirty and otherwise and regardless, they have to sleep in them. A tired song keeps playing on a tired radio and I won't tell them your name. Or mine or who I once was or hoped to be.

I hope you all are well.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Eat it...

A friend recently gave me a topic to expound upon: The Current State of Fast Food in the Ocean State. While at first I was a bit hesitant, after some thought, there are several things I would like to bring up.

It Ain't What It Used To Be: There was a time when you could go and eat at a fast food restaurant, or take it away and not feel as though you were not getting hijacked both financially and nutritionally. Those days seem to be long gone. Has anyone noticed the combo meals, originally designed to, “save time and money” are not really of any value? What kills me is that on the menu, with pictures of exquisite food items, never to reach your hands, the “value meals” are always crowded with that little blurb saying something to the effect of, “get the sandwich for $5.99 or the COMBO FOR $23.99!!!!” It's almost as if these companies are betting on the fact we've become such lazy, non-thinkers, so entrenched in an instant gratification society, that we won't take five seconds to do the math, because those seconds don't come with freedom fries and enough soda to make three small children piss their pants. Corporate America is betting on the fact that we as consumers are going to feel good about shelling out hard-earned cash for something dressed up in bright colors, with tons of exclamation points and cool graphics. “HOLY SHIT!!! THIS IS A GREAT DEAL!!! DON'T MISS OUT BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE IS BUYING THIS GARBAGE!!!!!” Honestly...

I remember a time when you could get two bean burritos and a drink at Taco Bell for like $2.25. Now I know I sound like Grampa Grouch, someone's dad or just a crotchety old bastard typing things like this but on a recent drive thru experience, not at Taco Bell, I ordered one of the aforementioned “value meals” and my total was something like $9.50. After thanking the squawk-box, drove around muttering to myself, “WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST GET THAT'S $9.50? FUCK THAT RED-HEADED WHORE AND HER FUCKING SQUARE HAMBURGERS!!!” Honestly, I hate the taste of the meat at Wendy's and feel that it's on par with what I think aardvark shit would taste like. If it's Wendy's for me, its chicken. But enough about the economics...

Our Discriminating Pallets: I found out about ten years back that RI is used as a test market by many companies, especially those in the food and beverage industry. Think I'm kidding, go to a Dunkin Donuts outside of the North East and see if you can find the menagerie of bullshit sold at your local Rhody Dunkin'. Flatbreads, pizza, toasted submarine sandwiches, bagel sandwiches, smoothies, kooladas, and generally anything void of any nutrition. There was a time when the double D, sold coffee and donuts, that was it. I can remember being a kid and sometimes accompanying my dad, on his Saturday coffee run. The selection of donuts was wall to wall, but back then, stores were not the size of warehouses to accommodate a million different types of products. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not the selection nazi and I don't think our choices of coffee should be black or not black nor plain or sprinkles for donuts, but the cynic in me does believe we are assaulted with so many choices, that we can be goaded into the more expensive, “tastier, more bang for you buck(wink-wink) options.”

Anyone remember Crystal Pepsi? Probably not since it was an abomination against God and all his children, but I bet the person who pitched it to Pepsi remembers. They probably remember very well because it more than likely ruined their career and they never worked again. My reason for bringing Crystal Pepsi up was that back in 1992, it was test marketed in three cities: Dallas, Denver and you guessed it Providence. Why little Rhody you ask? Due to the fact we have such discerning tastes and also that we don't stand for bologna. Anyhow this seems relevant to me as the quality of fast food nose-dives for the basement. When Domino's pizza first opened up the pizza was not Casserta's but it was good and quick. Now when I hear Domino's, I think Turd in a Box. The same of Papa John's , they were great out of the gate, but now their pizza is of questionable quality. Why pay for the name and get screwed when I can get a pizza exponentially better from a local merchant? If you live in the Providence or North Providence area, two words, GOLDEN CRUST.

Target Market: My friends and I often talk about nothing. We've elevated it to an art form higher than Larry David could ever hope to achieve and food often comes up, as we all enjoy eating. Recently, the airwaves have been inundated with commercials from fast food companies, NOWHERE NEAR HERE, more specifically SONIC. When I went to college in the Mid West, I was introduced to Hardee's and Carl's Jr. basically the same place with a different name. Anyway, back then, coming from an area where Rockdonald's, BurgerSchwing and the aforementioned red-headed whore were our only burger options, Hardee's was a breath of fresh air. I fell in love and maybe it was like being attracted to the punk rock girl in high school, when all of your friends were young republicans or maybe it was just the fact that greasy shit tastes awesome at 3 in the morning, even if it still greasy shit. Long story short. I love drinks. I have always been a drink guy, trying the new Snapple flavors as they came out, the extreme drinks, the fuels, the NO FEARS, basically anything I could get my hands on. Last summer, after about a year of hearing about all of Sonic's 12,000 different drink combinations, I couldn't take it any more. I googled the nearest location: Ephrata, PA 290 miles South West of me. One night, beginning of my weekend, I fueled up the F1 and made the pilgrimage. The food was of great quality for fast food, but the drinks were awesome. I love the fact you can get any drink you want in slush form. Being a diabetic, I also appreciate the fact there is more than one diet/sugar free drink option on the menu. Not only could I get Diet Coke, but Diet Dr. Pepper (FUCK YEAH!!) and an assortment of other non-syrup-laden choices. I went with a Diet Cherry Limeade and to be honest, I've never been much of an -ade fan, but that drink was delicious. I bring this story up only because the commercials nearly drove me fucking insane. Now, I'm seeing commercials for Red Robin, Chick-fil-a and a whole host of bullshit. It's enough to make me throw my television out the window.

So, in conclusion, until we stop paying for shit, we will continue to eat it. Yeah the drive thru is easy but what are you really getting? If you are really after something truly horrible for you, there nothing better than a stop at the N.Y. System for a few, all the way.

I hope you all are well.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Needed to hear the keys under the weight of my fingers.

My Current life:
1. What was the highlight of your week? Friday & Saturday...not working

2. Whose car were you in last? besides mine: JG's

3. When is the next time you will kiss someone? Haley's Comet comes again when?

4. What color shirt are you wearing? blue

5. How long is your hair? Annoying and almost in my mouth

6. Are you good looking? I don't have horns or live under a bridge...

7. Last movie you watched? Into the Wild

8. Who were you with? myself

9. Last thing you ate? Chicken sandwich

10. Last thing you drank? Diet coke

11. When was the last time you had your heart broken? I lost count

12. Who came over last? No one comes over....ever.

13. Are you happy right now? I've been better and I've been worse.

14. What did you say last? "Thank you"

15. Where is your phone? On the desk next to me

16. What color are your eyes? blue

17. Are you left-handed? nope

18. Spell your name without vowels: Jms

19. Do you have any pets? No

20. Favorite Vacation? A what?

21. What do you dislike currently? the cold weather/my job

22. What are you listening to? The keyboard

23. If you could have one thing right now what would it be? The last 12 years of my life back

24. What is your favorite scent? Freshly shampooed female

25. Who makes you happiest? unconsciousness

26. What were you doing at midnight last night? Attempting to sleep

27. When is your birthday? Don't need to know

28. Who has the same phone as you? I'm sure someone does

29. Last time you went swimming in a pool? Sometime last summer

30. Do you read your horoscope? sometimes

31. Where was the last place you bought something? Dunkin Donuts

32. How do you feel about your hair right now? I want it gone

33. Do you bite your nails? no

34. Do you have any expensive jewelery? no

35. Do you have any expensive jewelery? NO

36. Myspace or facebook? Both

37. How fast have you driven a car? 114 mph according to the RISP

38. Have you ever smoked? yes

39. What was or is your favorite subject in school? English

40. Do you have Verizon? yes

41. What type of boy or girl do you usually fall for? It takes someone special or at least someone good at deception.

42. Do you have any hidden talents? Yes

43. Favorite Song? Look What Happened by Less Than Jake

44. Do you like to sing at all? yes.

45. Dream Job? Writer / Blogger

46. Where does most of your family live? RI

47. Are you an only child or do you have siblings? I have a brother

48. Would you consider yourself to be spoiled? Sure

49. What was the first thing you thought when you woke up? Here we go again

50. Do you drink? Socially

51. Know any other languages? no

52. Ever write a coded message? yes

53. Have you ever been IN a wedding? I was the worst best man once

54. Do you have any children? no

55. Did you take a nap today? no.

56. Who has the same birthday as you? Heath Ledger, David Cross, Maya Angelou

57. Ever met anyone famous before? Ethan Hawke, Henry Rollins

58. Do you want to be famous one day? Who doesn't?

59. Any Pet Peeves? Tons

60. Are you multitasking right now? No

61. Do you like Britany Spears? No

62. What is your least favorite chore? Mopping

63. Last place you drove your car? work

64. Ever been out of the country? yes

65. Where were you born? Providence

Monday, March 10, 2008

How in the...

Tell me I didn't feel like the biggest tool box in the world when I accidentally deleted my recycle bin and then was so frustrated trying to find it, I needed to go to bed. God Bless both Google and Yahoo Answers...

After dodging yet anther technological bullet, I'm trying to get back into the swing of this writing thing. I used to be fairly consistent, if not here, at least in college, before the thought of a blog had even dawned on me. Nowadays, if people have things they want to express and want people to see/read them, there is no excuse. Whether it's blogger, typepad, wordpress or even the dreaded: livejournal/deadjournal, the resources for you self expression are available and with a few exceptions, are totally free.

Things at work are tight and getting more constrictive by the second. It seems as though every day I go in, there is another unit or department closing. I think the only reason I still have a job is because I work with the, “worst of the worst.” I guess there is something to be said for that and not everyone could do my job, I just hope I'm around until I'm through nursing school or at least damn close.

I've seen a couple of movies over the past week or so. Here are short and sweet reviews.

Vantage Point: Why? What was the purpose other than to confuse people and rob them of their hard-earned cash. I mean I know Dennis Quaid has to eat, but so don't the movie going public. This film was disjointed and repetitive and in the end, didn't really say anything except, “the terrorists win.” I have to wonder what the directors were thinking about character development for Forrest Whitaker and Sigourney Weaver, because there was none.

Jumper: Cool flick. Plain and simple. Sort of a action/adventure flick that meets The Matrix, but avoids all of the mind-bending philosophy. Good to see Hayden Christiansen back at work in something other then Jedi garb. Christiansen plays the geek, from the dysfunctional family, who somehow learns to teleport through space, thus exponentially improving his life. Nothing life changing of a film here but still very enjoyable. I thought trying to disguise Samuel Jackson as Sisqo or however you spell that R'n'B assholes name, was hilarious. Rachel Bilson was unfortunately cast as Christiansen's love interest and to be honest, she sucks. I hated her on The OC, I will probably go to my grave thinking she is a talentless hack. Jamie Bell's, Griffin was excellent and I think left a door open for possibly a Jumper II or maybe a Griffin spin-off. Obviously there is unfinished business between Jackson's character and everyone else in the film. While I would not be upset paying full price to see this movie, it makes for an excellent matinee or netflix selection.

Bank Job: Who is smoother than Jason Statham? Probably no one, at least in Bank Job. Statham's, Terry Leather is a small time crook, trying to make good for his family. Being connected with the Who's who in the London criminal underground comes in handy for Leather, when a bank heist, too good to resist, falls in his lap. Without giving too much away, this was a very enjoyable film. Had this not been an advanced screening, I would have had no worries about paying $$$ to see Bank Job. Based on true events, Bank Job is a good time, so much so, I might even add it to my netflix queue just to see it again and/or check out the special features.

Into the Wild: While I think Emile Hirsch gives a phenomenal performance here, I wonder if this Sean Penn adaptation of Jon Krakauer's novel, Into Thin Air, was more of a look at how growing up in a totally dysfunctional family affected Christopher McCandless, rather than an expose on his wilderness adventures. The film was enjoyable but towards the end it almost seemed as though you knew the outcome and much like Titanic, you just wanted it to be over. Totally netflix or rent this if you are even remotely interested. Though this is not a spoiler, Into the Wild is not a pick-me-up type of film.

Well, that's about all I have for now. You know what to do if you have something to say.

I hope you all are well.