Wednesday, September 02, 2015

back in the...

saddle again. classes started tonight.

it's good to be back again. makes me feel like I am grinding it out and that, more often than not, is enough to keep me out of trouble. this is the semester in which jackassjimmy meets microbiology and nursing documentation.

nd is an online class and thus marks the first time I have had to take an online class. not that I have to take it mind you, I am just doing everything I can to make my acceptance into the national nursing honor society as easy as possible.

there are a ton of people in this lecture, easily the biggest lecture I've sat in, even though its less then a hundred people. some familiar, some not, some friendly, some not, some from my summer session physiology class, gratefully not those motherfuckers who cheated their way to the same grade as me.

prof is built like a fire hydrant, with a Mr. Clean-shaved head, goatee and resembling a combination of Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci. He was pretty funny even with the material being as dry as it is. no break but, he let us go fifteen minutes early, at least he asked us what we wanted to do.

got home and ate dinner like I had never seen food, watched, "snowpiercer" another 90 minutes I'll never get back and now here I am. getting ready for bed so I can get up, go to my job in higher education finance and then travel to Providence to have my first microbiology lab.

does life get better than this? I submit that it CANNOT!

I hope you all are well.