Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Honest Bloggers Quiz...

1. which political party do you typically agree with? democrat

2. which political party do you typically vote for? democrat

3. list the last five presidents that you voted for? Kerry, Gore, clinton, clinton, don't think I was old enough to vote previously

4. which party do you think is smarter about the economy? democrat

5. which party do you think is smarter about domestic affairs? democrat

6. do you think we should keep our troops in Iraq or pull them out? Should have been gone a long time ago

7. who, or what country, do you think is most responsible for 9/11? obl and the bush family.

8. do you think we will find weapons of mass destruction in iraq? even if we did, no one cares anymore. too many civilians and troops on both sides have died.

9. yes or no, should the u.s. legalize marijuana? yes.

10. do you think the republicans stole the last presidental election? yes

11. do you think bill clinton should have been impeached because of what he did with monica lewinski? no.

12. do you think hillary clinton would make a good president? yes.

13. name a current democrat who would make a great president: hillary

14. name a current republican who would make a great president: mccain

15. do you think that women should have the right to have an abortion? yes.

16. what religion are you? Christian.

17. have you read the Bible all the way through? no

18. what's your favorite book? Boys Life, Robert McCammon.

19. who is your favorite band? Hammock

20. who do you think you'll vote for president in the next election? whoever the dems put up.

21. what website did you see this on first? + busblog

Times are a changin'...

I believe it was Snap who said, “It's getting, it's gettin, it's getting' kinda hectic!” Much like George Washington, I cannot tell a lie. It is getting kinda hectic.

See my boss decided he no longer wanted to be a boss anymore. He decided he wanted a different job, more responsibility, something to keep it interesting for him. Nevertheless, J-Unit needed a boss, and since I have been there since day one, we all know who the likely candidate for the job is. That doesn't always mean the most likely candidate wants the job. I mean don't get me wrong, having every other weekend off and a bump in pay so small that a gnat's dick laughs at it is one thing. Being at work for almost 12 hours a day, that just sucks ass.

It does look as though I will be getting the job. The powers that be have crowned me acting supervisor as of right now with no potential dark horse candidates. We shall see...

In other news...

Last Saturday I was witness to something I never thought I would see in my life time. I went to a breast cancer benefit and saw local rock legends Kilgore Smudge, reunite and play for the first time in about twelve years. The show itself was nothing short of heaven. Original members, J. Berndt, Bilgore Southerland, Brian McKenzie and Jay “Smitty” Smith took the stage and brought the loyal folk of the Providence alt-rock/hardcore scene back in time. Playing a set list that welcomed fans new and old Kilgore showed rock and rock that quality does stand the test of time. Not only was I helping out boobs all over the world, but, I saw people I haven't seen in years. All in all it was a great time and I highly recommend anyone catch Kilgore's probably last show ever, July 7th at The Livingroom, Providence, RI. Kilgore will be playing the now back from the dead, State of Corruption, another band of great guys. So come on out, have a few drinks and be treated to some phenomenal fucking music.

I hope you all are well.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

In absentia...


so there was something of an unexpected absence as of late. It's not that I've not had anything to say, or at least I'd like to think that. It's more of my head has been so busy spinning around in circles, that most days I don't know whether to shit or go blind.

Work has been a bit of a challenge lately both in the actual work I do and in all of the politics which surround it. I know in past postings I have alluded vaguely to what I do and it's not that I can't talk about it, it's more of there are so many privacy issues with the type of career I'm in, it's just easier to take some, “creative license” when speaking / blogging about work.

At any rate, due to budget cuts, “the Agency” is struggling financially and this just makes for a very unpleasant work environment. When you tell people who already don't make squat for a paycheck, they will not be receiving a raise this year, well...there is just no good way to do it. People are understandably upset, and I am one of those people. However, I happen to be someone who has been with my program and unit since it was opened. I have seen things be a lot better and I have seen things be much worse.

What I try and remind people of is there are a wealth of people, who work for the same Agency, who make about half of what we do, and still have to come to work everyday. So while things are not always hunky-dory, they could be worse.

My boss has decided to take another position, and rather than wait and see who they would give command of the unit to, I have thrown my hat in the ring for unit supervisor. It's not much of a bump in pay for the amount of responsibility I am taking on. Basically the only perk is that I would be earning another week of vacation time and having every other weekend off.

To be honest, I really like having Sunday / Monday off but I guess the whole saturday / sunday thing won't be too bad. There is a lot of down time on the weekend and as the old proverb states, “idle hands do the devil's work.” While I'm not overjoyed at the prospect of taking the ships wheel, I would rather take it that have to train some asshat greener than the rolling hills of Ireland.

That having been said, I hope you all are well.