Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Grind...

Eight minutes to midnight. Sounds like the title of a shitty eighties metal song. Either that or I am starting to lack in the originality department.

I'm going with a lack of originality, it's not like there have been any new ideas in the last 100 years. Ok, as far as an update is concerned...

My job fucking sucks.

Wait, no, that's not quite right. My job is fine, the idiots I work with are making me not want to go to work anymore. Last time this happened,
I ended up leaving a, “fuck you & good bye” letter on my bosses desk, late on a Sunday afternoon. I mean it's still an option but since I have
three years in, I should at least give two weeks so I can use hell as a reference.

Actually, I'm pretty sure I'm staying employed by hell, just making a lateral move to another department. The good thing about Hell is there are
many, many places to work. Never a dull moment if you know what I mean. The prospect of earning a full-time paycheck while I train for a
big boy job is somewhat gratifying. I mean sure, I'm going to have next to no social life for two years, but shit, I've almost done that for the better
part of 15 years, two should be a walk in the park.

If anything, being back in school, learning, using my brain will probably help me to not feel so stuck. Yes, there will be a plethora of women in
my program, but I really am focused on getting through school as soon as possible. Nursing is not a cake walk and I'm sure there are going to
be nights and days where I wish I had hair left to rip out. At any rate, when I make it through, I can work anywhere in the country and make a
good living doing it.

Plans for independence day are as follows:

6:00am Wake up
6:15 wake up again
6:20 get in shower/wash filthy ass
6:30 dry and dress/shave and brush
6:40 take pills/sigh/gel hair
6:50 turn on computer/glance at news
6:55 leave for work
7:00 get iced tea at T-Ho's
7:05 Arrive at work 5 minutes late.
7:10-8:10 Try and wake up
8:30-3:00PM put up with inane bullshit from co-workers
3:00:01 punch out and leave work
3:30 drive to brother's fiances families house
4:00 do cook out type stuff
9:00 Drive home
9:20 Check email/screw around on interweb/read
12:00 go to bed.

I hope you all are well.