Monday, May 30, 2016

they tell me, "if you want to get better, you need to write every day."

maybe I don't want to write every day. maybe I just want to sit down and bang it out when inspiration hits me. maybe I just want to write when I am in envy of someone elses other artsy stuff.

maybe I don't want to get better, be great or have my shit seen by a ton of people.
maybe I want to drown in my own mediocrity.

sometimes 50% is all thats left in the tank after the day to day rigamarole we call life.

so maybe all I want to do is take time to recharge.

maybe I want to sit in a warm climate and listen to dave matthews and tim reynolds
while I'm drinking beers and eating pizza.

maybe neither my location nor my pancreas thinks thats a great idea.

maybe I have to say, "fuck you rhode island, fuck you pancreas, and fuck you dave matthews." Not, "fuck dave matthews, he rules."

maybe it sounds like I need to sit and bang it out,

I hope you all are well.