Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Checking in...

I was hungry, I mean like really hungry. The kind of hungry where you wake up and you immediately know you've contracted the worst case of food poisoning ever or that you need to eat with in 15 minutes, or the hurling will be legendary.

So off to Stop&Shop I go. Bagel, butter, two bottles of peach flavored water.
back home.
scrambled eggs (2) some shredded cheddar and some Cholula. (If you haven't tried it and you like hot sauce, get on it)
toasted bagel, big...BIG cup of coffee
now I wait for everything to fill the void.

sitting here banging away on the keyboard seems so foreign. Like, I almost have a sense of guilt in having not written for so long.
Not just not written here, but written anything.
I remember when fall was a time where my writing flowed like sands through the hourglass.
when my thoughts and images were sharp and clear like Waterford crystal and my only limitation was how fast I could type.

the novelty has not worn off but its not as shiny and inviting as the other toys on the playroom floor
school work
reading the blogs of others...jealous
blog envy
what the fuck
how stupid is that
how lame and Gen Y is that

Not jealous of hits
pro bloggers
or even
but of their ability to bang it out
or hesitation
regardless of the obstacles

Of all the things I envy consistency the most
true grit
not phoning it in

Cup check time...

I hope you all are well.