Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Life on Planet...

Weird is getting to be really monotonous.

I received a phone call today from the surgeons office. A call I was going to go ahead and make since, after my last checkup, I had no time when my surgery was going to take place, nor no pre-op prescription for antibiotics, which for diabetics is standard operating procedure or at least that's I've been told.

So...the call

I need to give some sort of frame of reference here. The surgery I am about to have, should have happened months ago. However, I was hospitalized with collateral damage from stuff already done to me. While I was on every good anti-biotic known to man, the surgeons thought this would be a great time to filet me and get going on the work needed on my plumbing. Had anyone asked me, I would have thought that was a great idea. HAD ANYONE TOLD ME I WOULD HAVE SHOWED UP FOR SURGERY.

There are few things more embarrassing than getting a call from a surgeon at 8am, asking where I am? So, my date for said surgery was pushed back. 2 MONTHS...not my fault...2 GD MONTHS

Today they call and tell me, "my surgery was never booked."

I suppose I should have been shocked but I wasn't. Disappointed? Yes. Hopeful about getting done on time? Not really. My surgeon was in surgery and so OR co-ordinator was going to talk to him about this SNAFU and I briskly reminded her, "This is the second time I'm missing surgery and neither has been my fault." She reassured me but had not one ounce of confidence in her voice this was going to be taken care of, on time.

So I'm waiting, by the phone, like the weird kid in high school, on a Friday night.

2 whiskies and a vicodin and I can still type like I had a diet coke. Now that's just a damn shame.

I hope you all are well.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gotta write quick...

just took some percocet cause the media says Americans have a "prescription" drug problem

muthertrucka, let me not worry
about the authorities
and let me have
my tweed

decent day today. spent some time with my mom. picked up some crafting materials for the impending arrival of my nephew. then out to lunch at this place. taco salad with chicken was bananas good and I might say choosing to pair it with a Revival Zeppelin, might have been one of my better decisions this year. lunch was so good, dinner was not even an after thought and being president of the fat kid society, word is bond.

lots going on and everything feels super important and somewhat frantic and I'm hoping the percocet helps with that as well. scared about my upcoming surgery even though dude is a world renowned plumbing surgeon, I still can't let em see me sweat. it's been a long road and I can see the finish line. i just wish there was not a mile and a half gauntlet of goons in front of it.

where are you HK?

I hope you all are well.