Monday, March 10, 2008

How in the...

Tell me I didn't feel like the biggest tool box in the world when I accidentally deleted my recycle bin and then was so frustrated trying to find it, I needed to go to bed. God Bless both Google and Yahoo Answers...

After dodging yet anther technological bullet, I'm trying to get back into the swing of this writing thing. I used to be fairly consistent, if not here, at least in college, before the thought of a blog had even dawned on me. Nowadays, if people have things they want to express and want people to see/read them, there is no excuse. Whether it's blogger, typepad, wordpress or even the dreaded: livejournal/deadjournal, the resources for you self expression are available and with a few exceptions, are totally free.

Things at work are tight and getting more constrictive by the second. It seems as though every day I go in, there is another unit or department closing. I think the only reason I still have a job is because I work with the, “worst of the worst.” I guess there is something to be said for that and not everyone could do my job, I just hope I'm around until I'm through nursing school or at least damn close.

I've seen a couple of movies over the past week or so. Here are short and sweet reviews.

Vantage Point: Why? What was the purpose other than to confuse people and rob them of their hard-earned cash. I mean I know Dennis Quaid has to eat, but so don't the movie going public. This film was disjointed and repetitive and in the end, didn't really say anything except, “the terrorists win.” I have to wonder what the directors were thinking about character development for Forrest Whitaker and Sigourney Weaver, because there was none.

Jumper: Cool flick. Plain and simple. Sort of a action/adventure flick that meets The Matrix, but avoids all of the mind-bending philosophy. Good to see Hayden Christiansen back at work in something other then Jedi garb. Christiansen plays the geek, from the dysfunctional family, who somehow learns to teleport through space, thus exponentially improving his life. Nothing life changing of a film here but still very enjoyable. I thought trying to disguise Samuel Jackson as Sisqo or however you spell that R'n'B assholes name, was hilarious. Rachel Bilson was unfortunately cast as Christiansen's love interest and to be honest, she sucks. I hated her on The OC, I will probably go to my grave thinking she is a talentless hack. Jamie Bell's, Griffin was excellent and I think left a door open for possibly a Jumper II or maybe a Griffin spin-off. Obviously there is unfinished business between Jackson's character and everyone else in the film. While I would not be upset paying full price to see this movie, it makes for an excellent matinee or netflix selection.

Bank Job: Who is smoother than Jason Statham? Probably no one, at least in Bank Job. Statham's, Terry Leather is a small time crook, trying to make good for his family. Being connected with the Who's who in the London criminal underground comes in handy for Leather, when a bank heist, too good to resist, falls in his lap. Without giving too much away, this was a very enjoyable film. Had this not been an advanced screening, I would have had no worries about paying $$$ to see Bank Job. Based on true events, Bank Job is a good time, so much so, I might even add it to my netflix queue just to see it again and/or check out the special features.

Into the Wild: While I think Emile Hirsch gives a phenomenal performance here, I wonder if this Sean Penn adaptation of Jon Krakauer's novel, Into Thin Air, was more of a look at how growing up in a totally dysfunctional family affected Christopher McCandless, rather than an expose on his wilderness adventures. The film was enjoyable but towards the end it almost seemed as though you knew the outcome and much like Titanic, you just wanted it to be over. Totally netflix or rent this if you are even remotely interested. Though this is not a spoiler, Into the Wild is not a pick-me-up type of film.

Well, that's about all I have for now. You know what to do if you have something to say.

I hope you all are well.


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boomslice said...

Nice to see you writing about stuff other than your crappy job. How about a post discussing the state of fast food in RI? I'm totally serious about that, by the way.

PS - Sisqo is the shit.
Er...scratch that.
Sisqo is shit.