Friday, June 03, 2005

Good Guy Finishes last...

I did the good thing and stayed home from a night of drinking and attending the gentlemen's club. I decide to do the right thing and stay home and try and comfort a good friend who lost a close relative and what thanks do I get? A fucking car accident and a trip to the hospital, thank you very much. Some asshole decided it would be a great idea to rear-end me and then try to tell the cops it was my fault because I backed out of my driveway at just under 300 miles per hour.

What the fuck am I driving The Concorde?! I’m a large man in a small car. I doubt I was going to be breaking any land speed records. Not to mention, I WAS REAR ENDED! So, after 3 hours in the ER and countless x-rays, it was decided there was nothing wrong with me. I was grateful there was nothing wrong with me, nor the other persons involved, but I’m sure, I just blew a whole bunch of money on my car insurance.

I need to go and pick up the police report and then call my insurance company. Dumbski’s insurance company has already called but it’s not like I am stupid enough to pick up the phone today. I wish the doc could have given me something stronger than a prescription for the equivalent of Aleve. The whopping one day out of work was a nice treat too. Did I mention I usually have to engage in hand-to-hand combat on a daily basis?

Seriously, there are nothing but savages in this town. The cops were trying to tell me that the genius that hit me was going too fast. I think my bumper might say otherwise. My car is still drive-able and I am thankful for that. The guy was driving an old pick-up truck and if they try to tell me that shit was totaled, it’s gonna be on.

So today I get to blog, get some more rest and maybe get some more cleaning done. I’m not going to push it though. After all, I am supposed to be injured.


I hope you all are well.



Boogie Pants Donavan said...

You should have kicked his ass and then placed yourself under his front wheel and made up an elaborate story of how he was trying to kill you for sleeping with his wife AND his sister. That sucks about the $$- I know the fueges just saved a ton switching to Geico

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you're OK. You probably should have just given in and looked at boobies - God wouldn't have been mad at you.


Boogie Pants Donavan said...

that is all