Sunday, June 19, 2005

Great freaking honkus!!!


I have been up for going on about, think 36 (thirty six!?!? get that reference and I'll love you forever...) hours of not sleeping.

I am sick, like coughing up blood and still going to work cause I am needed.

and last but not least, drumroll please....

I have some big, big balls and I'm not talking about the ones you find in a gymatorium or on a playground.

I'm talking the only two prizes in the man satchel a woman can come up with when she enters my crotch lottery.

and now for the hour drive to my parental units house for Italian food and the trip over the boarder to CT so we can all have enough room for a rousing game of kickball.

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n.v. said...

JJ, you know why I forget to read your blog???? 'Cause I haven't bookmarked it yet and you showing up on my blog in the comment box is what triggers my desire to visit. So I'm gonna bookmark you and be on here every day (mostly). So you gotta write EVERY DAY.