Monday, July 18, 2005

God Save Interpol!!!

I will admit when I am wrong or when I may have dropped the ball on something. I am here to tell you not only did I miss the memo on the above band, but I completely dismissed Interpol as nothing special. I thought they were going to be another annoying boil on the ass of rock music. Another Nickleback or Three Doors Down. I figured they were just some dudes who were looking to cash in on wearing suits and playing out the whole, "look at us were so retro, we're indie" thing.

This is what I thought.

and goddamn me if I wasn't wrong. If you don't own, Antics or Turn on the Bright Lights, you should. They are both fantastic discs. I am casting my vote for Interpol as, "the band who saved rock n' roll." There is a huge buzz going on right now over The Killers and how they are saving rock. If you listen to PDA, on Turn on the Bright Lights, you can hear the Killers, you can hear the Bravery and any other "indie-retro-rock" band that comes along in the next year or so.

Don't get me wrong, I like the Killers a lot. I think they are a great band, actually I paid waaaay to much money to see...well hear them at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel just a little while back. Oddly enough, most of their fans are freakishly tall. Anyhow, they are a good band and I'm not just one of those, "Oh man that song, Somebody told me is sooo cool" fans either. Hot Fuss, the Killers debut release is a solid first effort. The other buzz I am hearing around the rock table these days is coming from the camp of The Bravery. Now I haven't heard all of the tracks off of their self-titled debut, but the single didn't do enough for me that I wanted to go and buy it or even listen to clips on iTunes. They play the shit out of it on the local "alterna-rock" station so I always got my fix.

What's funny about the whole thing is the brothers Gallagher have started school yard beef between The Bravery and the gents in The Killers, if for no other reason, for their own amusement. Give any of these bands a listen and you can hear me.

That's it...I'm done. I give up the soap box and hope you all have a great night. Listen to great music!

I hope you all are well.


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