Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Walking Away from Failure....AGAIN

I'm tired of all the bullshit, the spin, the working the machine Bushy and his fucking cabinet of cocksuckers are attempting to pass off as a normal, democratic response. One thing about being a blogger, you tend to look yourself and the world around you a little more critically. Unless you spend most of your nights and weekends, drunk in a tree house, eating mexican food and masturbating to Don Ho records.

Pre Bushy getting elected, I told myself I was going to get more interested or maybe more informed on politics. I read up on the candidates and the issues and made what I thought were informed choices at the time. I felt I was doing my civic duty by voting. I was taking part in shaping the government that runs the country. I was using my voice and having some input.

Yeah right.....

For the tens of thousands who felt their vote didn't count and that no one would listen to them, Bushy has probably insured they will never even consider voting now. What makes me say this? With hurricane Katrina, there were thousands upon thousands who were crying out for help, to be rescued from mortal danger, for a drink of water and enough food to give them strength to go on living. They asked for the basic needs all humans, including that fucking moron in the whitehouse, need for survival.

True to form, Bushy basically gave the poor, the tired and downtrodden the middle finger and told those most in need, "to go and fuck themselves." Our leader, Commander in Cheif and figurehead of the most powerful and prosperous nation on the planet, turned his back on the people he swore he would protect. What's worse is he thinks nothing is wrong with this or more importantly that photo opportunities with firefighters from around the country, (who just want to go and rescue people) are more important than saving people from drowning, starvation, dehydration, stroke, heart attack, diabetic comas, dysentary and other generally nasty ways to die.

To those republicans, or those who voted republican in the last two elections, "you're just as guilty." He's your guy. I'm sure the extra few bucks you managed to save from the unnecessary tax cuts help to easy your financial pain, but how does it feel to know that there are men and women, young and old, from all over the country, dying on a daily basis, so you can drive your fucking H2 in from the suburbs? I'm sure being a marketing manager or some middle management tool requires a serious amount of all terrain driving. 8 miles per gallon, but damn it sure does look cool and that's all that counts anyway, cause that new intern in accounting sure has a great rack and does things the mother of your children won't even consider. To quote one of my favorite bands, Boysetsfire,

" The blood is on your hands, life stealing motherfuckers
The constitution burns to ash in front of you, the people know what you are up to
Your sins will come back on you "

I only hope you have no problems sleeping at night. If that is the case, just remember, "it's dark and hell is hot."

My thoughts and prayers with anyone suffering for whatever reason.

I hope you all are well.

Impeach Bush,


Egan said...

You really think Bush was in the wrong? Funny they, the Rove Administration, thinks they responded rather well. This Mike Brown FEMA dude is a pathetic. I guess the whole gang is.

JackassJimmy said...

As much as I hate Bush, I don't feel he is is entirely to blame for all of this LA/MI disaster. However, judging his track record of success, failure and just flat out telling the truth, I think he is definately in the wrong.

The guy is a fucking classist pig, knows it and feels no remorse. Fuck him and the ship his family brought slaves to this county on.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting though.