Thursday, October 06, 2005

Has Anyone Else...

Noticed that Fall is here? Things here in Jackassville are getting a bit cool but the sleeping at night has become somewhat of a guilty pleasure. I love not having to sleep with fans all over me, waking up with a broken neck, back and shoulders. Mother Nature, you can come and lull me to sleep anytime. My brother and I took the air conditioner out of the living room today. Besides the increase in light, the breeze is also nice and helps to rid the room of his dirty-ass post work feet stink.

It's not looking to good for the Red Sox and yet I am still believing. I think if I didn't, Steve Perry, lead singer from Journey, would come and kick my ass. Something about having an ass whooping put on you by a guy who sang, "Oh Sherry" that just makes me wince. Spent some time with the shrink today, talked over several things, we both agree I suffer from seasonal depression, among a few other things. Figures, it's my favorite time of year and also the time I am in the most emotional turmoil. I know I sound like some fucking cheeseball from, Days of Our Lives or something but let he/she who is with out problems cast the first stone.....beeyotches.

In other news...

Former fat kid Jerry O'Connell makes good with engagement to Rebecca Romijn Stamos. For those of you not in the know, Jerry O'Connell played Vern in Stand By Me. O'Connell immortalized in celluloid while being paralyzed by fear as a locomotive steams toward him and also for choosing cherry flavored pez as the one food he would eat for the rest of his life. I guess all I have to say here is, "Nice going Vern, two for flinching!"

Other than that, things have been going relatively smooth here. I am getting ready to do some fall cleaning so if anyone wants some dust and or garbage, please feel free to come on by. I hope you all are well.



Anonymous said...

You could always have your crazy neighbor come over to clean and dust your house for you.

Boogie Pants Donavan said...